Gunman Lures Police To His Home With Fake 911 Call, Opens Fire On Them

Sergio Van Kanten told the 911 operator that six men had broken into his Doral apartment.

Doral, FL – A former North American Soccer League player lured police to his home with a bogus burglary report on Monday night, then opened fire on officers when they arrived to help him.

Doral police officers responded to 34-year-old Sergio Van Kanten’s apartment on Northwest 85th Court, after Van Kanten called 911 to report that six men had broken into his home, WPLG reported.

Police heard several gunshots coming from inside Van Kanten’s sixth-floor apartment when they arrived at the scene.

"Fearing for the safety and welfare of anyone who might be in the apartment, the officers conducted a forced entry and kicked down the door, at which time additional gunshots were fired in the direction of the door," Doral Police Department (DPD) spokesperson Rey Valdes said in a news release, according to WPLG.

A Miami-Dade Police Department SWAT unit was summoned to the apartment to handle the standoff that ensued, and nearby residents were evacuated from the complex, WTVJ reported.

"I said 'oh, that sounded like a shooting,' but it was not like a pistol, it was like a gun machine," resident Carol Ramos told the news outlet. "Dah dah dah. Then after five minutes [it happened] again and I said, 'that's shooting.'"

“I heard like crack-crack. I’m like oh, that was a gunshot,” another neighbor told WFOR. “So, then I ran to my apartment.”

Police negotiators were able to convince the gunman to surrender several hours later, according to WPLG.

He was taken into custody without further incident.

Van Kanten later admitted that he lied to the 911 operator about the alleged break-in, police said.

He also told police that he fired a gun at a Doral patrol vehicle that was parked near his apartment back in April, according to Valdes.

Van Kanten has been charged with discharging a firearm in public, use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and three counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.

He also has an extensive criminal history in South Florida, according to WTVJ.

The former athlete has played soccer all over the world, including England and Columbia, WFOR reported.

He played a single match for the Miami Football Club in 2016 before he was released for reasons that have not been disclosed.

Van Kanten appeared before a Miami-Dade judge on Tuesday, but his hearing was rescheduled for Wednesday because his private attorney was not present in the courtroom.

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Well now he can play soccer in prison.


Seems like this man has some serious mental health issue S. base don his history, no wonder he couldn’t make it in pro-soccer. If your immigrating here from Latin/Central America but don’t make it in soccer there ar plenty of other fields to go into. He should have used his soccer money for something else instead of being butthurt about his career not working out.


F--king POS!! With an extensive criminal history and now attempted murder charges, I hope they throw the book at his sorry worthless ass!!!


Can’t believe this fuck face is still alive. You shoot at police, you’re lucky you didn’t die you fucking useless waste of skin. Especially since the judge will probably give him 6 months and probation because he was “mentally unstable” that’s what he’ll claim. Fuckin pussy.

Mig Alley
Mig Alley

I expect he'll get his balls kicked 🤪