Gun Suspect Brags Online About How He 'Whooped' The Police Who Arrested Him

Holly Matkin

William "Bill" Stanford posted footage of his arrest to Facebook and attempted to convince viewers he was the victor.

Harrison, AR – An armed suspect accused of pointing a gun at a man’s head during an argument brawled with Harrison police when they pulled him over on Thursday night.

William “Bill” Stanford subsequently posted cell footage of his arrest on Facebook, but quickly took it down, possibly after realizing that police refer to such videos as "evidence."

“I kicked the s--t out of them,” Stanford boasted in his rambling post. “They though I was a meth head so they had no rules but they got their mother f--king -ss whopped lmmfao.”

The incident began at approximately 6:12 p.m., after Harrison police received a report that a man pulled a gun on him in the McDonald’s parking lot, Harrison Assistant Police Chief John Cagle told Blue Lives Matter on Friday.

The victim told police that the suspect, later identified as Stanford, pointed a handgun at his head during the confrontation.

Stanford then got back into his vehicle, and took off southbound down Highway 65.

Police quickly spotted Stanford’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.

They also verified that he “matched the description” provided by the victim he allegedly pointed a gun at, Chief Cagle explained.

Due to the nature of the original call, the officers asked Stanford to exit his vehicle, and told him to keep his hands visible.

But Stanford refused, and instantly became “irate,” Chief Cagle said.

Stanford’s juvenile son and his son’s friends were also in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Stanford checked to make sure that his son was recording as officers opened his driver’s side door and ordered him to get out, cell phone footage showed.

He ignored their commands, and told him that they could tase him if they felt “the need” to do so.

“I work for the government, junior,” Stanford told them condescendingly. “Right now, you’re an officer that’s about to get in deeper than what he can [take].”

He then suggested that the officers “drag” him out of his car.

“That way, when you touch me, and I have to handcuff you, my federal boss…” Stanford began.

“Who do you work for?” one of the officers interrupted.

“I work for someone – I’m a ghost, if that means anything to you,” he declared.

The officers gave him several more opportunities to exit his vehicle, and repeatedly told him about the report they had received.

“Now, I have a gun holster,” Stanford began, motioning towards his hip.

One of the officers immediately jumped towards him and ordered him not to reach as the officers started to forcibly remove him from his car.

“He became physically combative” at that point, Chief Cagle told Blue Lives Matter.

“You pull me out, I’m gonna have to hurt you!” Stanford yelled at police. “If you point that at me, and don’t pull the trigger, I’m gonna use it on you!”

One of the officers also spotted a knife on the suspect’s hip, and ordered him not to reach for it.

“I don’t have a knife!” Stanford yelled, as another officer deployed his Taser.

“The Taser had no effect,” Chief Cagle told Blue Lives Matter.

At least one of the teens in the car could be heard crying as the irate suspect continued fighting with police.

“I want out,” one of the kids said in the video.

“She’s pregnant,” another frantic teen said.

Chief Cagle said that the officers ultimately deployed OC spray to subdue the combative suspect.

A second video showed the officers yanking Stanford out of the vehicle and forcing him onto the ground, while he yelled about having PTSD.

“Now I can sue!” he said triumphantly, lying face down on the pavement. “And now, I had a flashback, -sshole!”

Stanford was placed into handcuffs, then began complaining about the effects of the OC spray, the video showed.

“You touched my d--k,” he snarled at one of the officers a moment later.

“Oh shut up, I’m searching you for weapons,” the officer replied, just before Stanford launched into a tirade about “queers” and “f----ts.”

He then told police that he is an “associate” of the Banditos motorcycle gang, and vowed to sue the officers who arrested him.

Stanford’s son calmly told one of the officers at the scene that his father has PTSD, and explained that he’s “having a bad time right now.”

One of the officers explained to the teen that they still can’t allow Stanford to “act like this.”

“Yes, sir,” the boy said.

Stanford continued to scream profanities at police, and demanded that they clear the OC spray from his eyes.

“I don’t need nothin’ but a f--kin' rag, queer! Get me one!” he yelled at one of the officers. “I’m gonna shove that pepper spray up a f----t’s -ss.”

He later spit on one of the officers as he was being placed into the back of a patrol vehicle, Chief Cagle told Blue Lives Matter.

Stanford had one sheathed knife on each of his hips at the time of his arrest, the chief said.

He also had and empty gun holster on one hip, and two loaded magazines under his shirt.

The .40-caliber Glock handgun seized from the center console of his car was loaded with a full magazine, but was not chambered, police said.

Two of the magazines Stanford had access to were fully loaded, Chief Cagle noted.

Stanford was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated and released to police.

He has been charged with aggravated assault, obstruction of a government operation, second-degree battery against law enforcement, disorderly conduct, terroristic threats, illegal passing, and driving without a license.

Chief Cagle said that it is unclear whether or not Stanford served in the military, but noted that police do not believe he is employed as a "ghost" by a federal agency like he claimed.

The juveniles inside the car during the melee were not injured.

Some of the officers were kicked and scratched during the scuffle with Stanford, but none of them sustained serious injuries, Chief Cagle said.

Stanford has since been released from jail on $20,000 bond, according to his Facebook post.

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Boy, I guess you sure showed them all right. To bad you had to act like such an ass in front of the kids. At least they learned how NOT to act when stopped by the Police.

Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray

Par for what guys with LPS (Little Penis Syndrome) would say on facebook.


He's a hero in his own mind. At least his kid hasn't picked up his dad's bad habits.

JBo flash: The victor, AKA the Ghost, doesn't wind up in jail crying like a bitch.


This is one of the rare times that I think he should be completely disarmed. He's certainly sick in the head and a threat to society.


What a fool


Usually The people who become “irate” or act out are the ones who are hiding something. It’s all because they feel “trapped” or “caught”. Just as the ones who come on a website like this and bash police. Those also are the ones who are usually jealous, been arrested before, had a bad experience for whatever reason, or just couldn’t get in to their “Ive always wanted to be a cop ever since I was little” dream job. In this case, he was guilty and claimed PTSD, which sorry to say is not an excusable reason to act like that. When they start bragging about who I am and blah blah blah, is when you know they’re lying or not really that important. As far as bragging about what he did to the officers, doesn’t bother me too much because people are going to forever talk shit about us “Cops” “Pigs” “5-0” “officers” whatever these haters call us. But we all know the same thing - We “cops” are regular human beings. There’s always someone bigger, stronger, and smarter than us ( that’s why we have guns, tasers, batons, and other tools to close the advantage gap that you haters would be scared shitless to face yourselves), we aren’t perfect, we make mistakes, and we don’t always have the right answers. We also do know: we had the balls to stand up and take this job (and not hide behind a keyboard and talk shit) we passed our testing and you haters didn't, we know what it’s like to walk in both our shoes and yours (remember we weren’t always cops and some of us didn’t like police either but we got over ourselves and grew up), we are the ones you haters and your mommies and daddies call when you need help or got your iPod taken by the bad guy (but we still answer theirs and your calls for service, try calling the fire department and see what they tell you), and finally we know we can’t please everyone so your bashing for the sake of bashing is taken with a grain of salt. Because we know in real life you’re all smiles to our faces and talk shit behind our backs. Then on the internet, after your “me time session” you’re the baddest most intelligent troll with every educational degree there is that knows exactly how our job is because you watch YouTube and seen all the cop shows. But in reality, yeah you may have served in the military, you may have gone through a citizens police class, or maybe even went on a ride along, in the end, you’re just a hater who ISN’T ONE OF US. To the ones who do support us, thank you for that, and those are the people we wake up everyday and go to work for.

Louise S
Louise S

Always add more garbage and charges to your bad day, that will turn it around.


Hopefully anyone who really does work for whom he was implying would of acted like an adult with respect, especially infront of his kids! 🤡


So, in his small mind ALL LEOs are supposed to be SUPER HUMAN and to get the upper hand on one of them makes you a "Super Hero"???? WOW, this nimrod has been watching too much TV,,or reading too many funny books.


Perfect canidate for "Red Flag Law" support video


This guy is a MAJOR dick!! And "if" he does have PTSD, that is no excuse to act this way at all!! Somebody needs to knock that chip off his shoulder and he needs to lose all those firearms!! He's a threat to society!!


Total POS, this guy. Should be locked up for a very, very long time.


The winner goes home. You went to jail. You lost.


Ugh I know this guy personally. Hes not an assoiciate of the bandito nation, and hes definitely not a "ghost". He needs some serious help. Like in a nut house help. Geezer.