Governor Signs Law Allowing Kids To Use Medical Marijuana At School

Sandy Malone

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed "Ducky's Law" making it legal for students to consume medical marijuana in school.

Olympia, WA – Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law making it legal for students to consume medical marijuana on public school campuses in the state.

“Currently children who need medical marijuana… have to leave school. They’re missing valuable time,” Inslee said before signing the bill, according to KING.

The new law permits students to take medical marijuana in liquid form at school, as long as it’s administered by a parent.

The sponsors of the legislation said the new law had been crafted to help students who needed the medical marijuana for relief of their chronic illnesses, KXRO reported.

The law specifically bans smoking pot or consuming products with high levels of THC on school property.

Washington House Bill 1095 became known as “Ducky’s Law,” named for nine-year-old River “Ducky” Barclay, an Aberdeen girl whose father was one of the legislation’s foremost proponents.

Ducky suffers from a rare, genetic disorder that caused the little girl to become blind and to have seizures, according to KING.

HB 1095’s sponsor, Washington State Representative Brian Blake, said he was inspired by Ducky to introduce the legislation to improve children’s lives, KXRO reported.

“Like Ducky, there are other children in our state who struggle with seizures or other disorders and I am convinced that these bills will make their lives better,” Blake told his colleagues in the Capitol. “It doesn’t have to be this way. We can help these kids so they can have the same opportunity to learn and enjoy school as any other Washington student.”

John Barclay, Ducky’s father, said they discovered CBD oil drops greatly reduced his daughter’s seizures and helped her to focus when she was in second grade.

Barclay brought his daughter to Olympia several times over the past few years to lobby lawmakers for help passing the bill, KING reported.

Although the father was present and smiling when Inslee signed the bill into “Ducky’s Law,” Barclay said the win is bittersweet because his daughter’s condition has deteriorated and she was too sick to attend the signing ceremony.

Barclay said his daughter understood that the bill had become a law and reacted “very happily” to the news.

He said he is glad his daughter’s legacy will live on through “Ducky’s Law,” and revealed that doctors didn’t expect his child to live past the age of 14, KING reported.

“It’s humbling and overwhelming,” Barclay said.

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We're on a roll with misleading headlines.

The bill is for use of CBD oil, which has no psychotropic behaviors. THC is what gets you high. CBD is regularly used for pain relief, lowering blood pressure, and in this story, preventing seizures. CBD isn't even a scheduled drug.

This bill essentially amounts to making schools allow kids to take an Advil when they have a headache.


There is an epidemic has been started by the decriminalization of this drug. It should have never been decriminalized and definitely never got to the point it has today. The use of "medical marijuana" is being abused and there is a train wreck coming if this abuse is not stopped. Soon pilots will be flying "high" surgeons may have to use CBD oil . Do you really want these people in control of your life in a drugged condition. It should have never been legalized. There is no need except for those critically and terminally ill should only be allowed under very strict guidelines to possess or us it. The rest are just using it as a legal excuse to get high and escape reality.


This is a non story.


Still should have never been decriminalized. .