GOP Office Targeted In Drive-By Shooting

Tom Gantert

A gunman shot into a Florida GOP office over the weekend.

South Daytona, FL – A Florida Republican Party office was shot at over the weekend.

The Volusia County Republican Party office had four shots hit it, according to WESH.

The shooting happened sometime after staffers left Sunday afternoon and returned Monday morning, according to Volusia County GOP Chairman Tony Ledbetter.

The office, which is located in a strip mall, was empty during the shooting.

South Daytona Police Department Captain Mark Cheatham said the shooting is being investigated as vandalism until a motive is discovered, according to WESH.

Capt. Cheatham said the trajectory of the bullets make it appear the bullets were fired from a car.

“Shots fired into #Volusia#Republican Victory Hq in South Daytona. We WILL NOT be intimidated,” the Volusia County GOP posted on Facebook.

“I’m looking at the busted window that some nice Democrat did,” Ledbetter said Monday, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “Republicans don’t have any beef about what we are doing, it’s the Democrats.”

Police have increased patrols around the area.

Ledbetter said in the 40 years he’s been a political activist, it’s the first time he’s seen a party office shot at.

“It’s a small strip center and no other business was vandalized, so it was obviously politically motivated,” Ledbetter said, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “In 2018, this is a much tougher election cycle because this is not adversaries, this is not just Democrats and Republicans fighting about election day. This is sick people that who want to come out and bust windows and shoot bullet holes in my windows. It’s crazy.”

Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott posted his reaction on Facebook, “Glad everyone at the Volusia County Republican headquarters is okay and that no one was inside when the shooting happened. Violence of any kind does not belong in our state and I appreciate law enforcement's quick response to keep these Floridians safe.”

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Probably more of those darn Trump supporters again ey @Hi_estComnDenomn @Burgers Allday @Marxest

(for anyone just joining the conversation, these are the main idiot trolls on the site)


Gee, I did not see this in the MSM? More lies of omission by them.


This is all getting stupid! If you don't like what is going on politically then get out and vote. Sheesh!


But I thought Democrats were for gun CONTROL?!? You mean to tell me that there are actually criminals who are not Republicans? <sarc off>

Richard Kurtz
Richard Kurtz

Funny I never heard about this on the news. If it would have been Dem office, I would have.