Good Samaritan Gets Shot 8 Times While Checking On Concerned Neighbor's House

Police said that Patrick Smith was checking on noises his neighbor heard when he was shot by the would-be burglars.

Barstow, CA – A good Samaritan neighbor was shot multiple times by would-be burglars when he went to check on the noises his neighbor heard outside her own house.

The series of events that led to the death of 41-year-old Patrick Smith began when police received a 911 call about a burglary in the 800-block of Keith Street at about 6:50 p.m. on Nov. 14, according to KECY.

The Barstow Police Department said in a statement on their official Facebook page that the caller told the 911 operator that her neighbor’s home had been broken into, and that she could see flashlights moving around inside the house.

At the same time that person was calling the police, another neighbor was calling Smith’s house to ask for his help, according to his wife, Elizabeth Smith.

“Detectives learned that while officers were searching for the burglary suspects, the owner of the residence where the shooting occurred called her neighbor and requested that he check her residence because she heard noises outside,” Barstow Police Captain Andrew Espinoza Jr. said in the statement.

Officers arrived on the scene and chased two teenaged boys on foot until they lost track of them, KECY reported.

As they continued to search for the boys, officers heard multiple gunshots nearby.

Police said that Smith had gone outside to check on the noises his neighbor heard, and encountered the burglars.

“The neighbor, who is the victim of the shooting, walked to the side of residence where one of the burglary suspects confronted him and shot him,” Capt. Espinoza said.

Smith, the man who was just doing his neighbor a favor, was shot eight times, KECY reported.

Officers found two of the suspects, ages 15 and 16, hiding close by and put both boys under arrest.

They arrested another 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy in connection with the break-in, according to Capt. Espinoza said.

All four suspects were booked on suspicion of burglary, KTLA reported.

Police have identified the actual shooter as 18-year-old Leslie Hawkins.

However, Hawkins eluded police when the other suspects were arrested and has remained at large, according to KECY.

Police found a loaded handgun near where Smith was shot, and evidence technicians have since confirmed it matched the caliber of the shell casings found by the victim.

The wounded Good Samaritan was airlifted to a local hospital and survived eight days after he was shot.

Smith succumbed to his wounds on Thanksgiving Day, KECY reported.

The fallen Good Samaritan was a California native, and worked as a facilities maintenance manager in Barstow.

He was a big man who was known for his big smile, according to his wife and mother-in law.

“We relied on Patrick to be our savior, he was the person who protected us. He was just so big,” Deanna Dibble said of her late son-in-law.

Smith is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and their five-year-old son, Dyllinger, KECY reported.

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Mr. Smith never should have gone outside to investigate unarmed, but that mistake doesn't make him any less of a hero. He put his own life at risk to protect his neighbor, and paid the ultimate price.

At the same time, if he had done the smart thing by arming himself (assuming he could have done so in California), and then had to defend his life, he would most likely be sitting in jail right now. Leftist criminal sympathizers would be calling him a vigilante looking for trouble, a wanna-be cop, and a George Zimmerman copycat (never mind that G.Z. was the one assaulted in that case).

What a shame the resident of that home had not taken the responsibility of arming herself so she would have been prepared to take action if the armed thugs had breached her domicile. In that case, the innocent would still be alive and the guilty might already be where they deserve to be.

But, what can we expect? This was in California, after all.


As Wabanubu said, this was in California, after all. The poor man might not have been allowed to have a firearm in the privacy of his own home, let alone take it outside of his own property. Who knows what rules the liberals in that crazy state have imposed on gun owners for not defending their own property and that he could have retreated, blah-blah-blah! My condolences to the poor widow and the fatherless son. May the police round up the last perp and charge him with the murder of this man. They should charge all of the perps with murder, but this is California.


Isn’t it wonderful that California has recently changed it’s laws so that juvenile murderers need not be held accountable!? CA is very culturally Marxist.....I mean, progressive.


Another example of the fine upbringing of BLM low-lifes....