'Glee' Star Arrested For Domestic Battery Against 'Southland' Actor

Naya Rivera was arrested on Saturday after her husband gave police a cell phone video of the incident.

Chesapeake, WV – Naya Rivera, an actress who formerly appeared on Fox’s hit show ‘Glee,’ was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery on Saturday night, police said.

Rivera, 30, was taken into custody at a residence in her husband’s hometown of Chesapeake after she allegedly assaulted him, CNN reported.

Authorities said they were called to the residence, where they spoke with 34-year-old Ryan Dorsey.

According to CNN, Dorsey told investigators that he and Rivera were taking their child out for a walk, when Rivera hit him in the head and struck him on his bottom lip.

He provided authorities with a cell phone video of the alleged altercation, and Rivera was then arrested.

According to WSAZ, she was arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery just after 12 a.m. on Sunday.

Rivera left the courthouse with her father-in-law after she posted a $1,000 bond.

Rivera is best known for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez on the hit high school musical show 'Glee.’

Dorsey is also an actor, and has appeared on shows including ‘Ray Donovan,’ ‘Pitch,’ Nashville,’ ‘Major Crimes,’ and ‘Southland.’

According to People, the couple first dated in 2010.

After they separated, Rivera later became engaged to rapper Big Sean. In July, 2014, just three months after her romance with Big Sean ended, Rivera and Dorsey married.

Rivera and Dorsey have one son, 2-year-old Josey.

The couple separated again in November, 2016, and Rivera filed for divorce, The Sun reported.

But Rivera and Dorsey called off their divorce in October.

According to CNN, Rivera faces a maximum of one year in prison and a fine of up to $500 if she is convicted.

She told the court that she plans to hire an attorney.

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