Georgia Deputy Murdered By Gunman, Manhunt In Progress

Holly Matkin

A Hall County deputy was fatally shot while pursuing an armed burglary suspect on Sunday night.

Gainesville, GA – A manhunt is underway for the accomplices of a gunman who fatally shot a Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) deputy on Sunday night.

The suspects are believed to be armed and dangerous, the Gainesville Times reported.

Descriptions of the unknown number of suspects were not available.

The fatal shooting occurred just after 11 p.m., as deputies were trying to stop a stolen vehicle near Jesse Jewell Parkway and Highland Avenue, according to FOX News.

The vehicle was believed to have been involved in a series of gun theft in the area over the weekend, the Gainesville Times reported.

The driver refused to pull over, and eventually crashed.

Deputies pursued the occupants on foot.

Both the deputy and the gunman were hit during the shootout that ensued.

The deputy was rushed to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where he died of his wounds, the Gainesville Times reported.

The shooter was transported to the hospital, and his condition has not been released, according to FOX News.

Police are still searching for the gunman’s accomplices. "The agency as a whole is taking it hard, as any law enforcement agency does when it loses an officer or deputy," HCSO Public Information Officer Derrick Booth said. “But no closure now with suspects still on the loose.”

The Gwinnett County Police Department, the Gainesville Police Department, and the Georgia State Patrol are all searching for the remaining suspects.

Police were interviewing multiple “persons of interest” on Monday morning, WXIA reported.

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Those that neglected to lock up their guns are accessories to murder. Hang'em high, says I!

No. 1-5

No description of the savage animals that are on the run???


Praying for the family of the fallen officer and for the safety of the officers as they search for the accomplices, and for the safety of the innocents.


I sure hope the suspects have been found! Praying for the safety of all officers involved in this search, & also for the family of the young officer who was murdered last night. Another heartbreaking time for the LEO family.


Treat the shooter, and then when it seems he’s making a turn for the better, pull his plugs. People like this, don’t deserve treatment, wasting taxpayers money because you know damn well he don’t have a job that he pays medical for. As for his boyfriend accomplices, you'll soon he dimed out because there is no honor amongst criminals.