Gang Member Arrested 10 Times In 18 Months, Tries To Shoot Officer In The Face

The Crips gang member was out on probation despite extensive criminal record.

Camden, New Jersey - A 19-year-old Crips gang member shot a police officer in the thigh and then tried to shoot him in the face, but his gun jammed.

We've now learned that the gunman had been arrested 10 times in the past 18 months.

“He’s a bad guy,” Camden County Police Chief J. Scott Thomson. Mahan had three felony convictions since he was 18, police said.

Officer O’Hanlon, 21, approached a group of three men at about 10 pm, November 1. Mahan fled and Officer O’Hanlon chased him and then Mahan pulled out a gun.

The pair struggled for the gun and Officer O’Hanlon was shot in the thigh. Mahan tried to shoot O’Hanlon in the face at point-blank range but the gun jammed, Chief Thomson said.

"He [was] able to rip the gun out of his hands, toss it off to the side and at the same time overpower the suspect and physically stay on top of him until backup arrived which was a matter of seconds," Chief Thomson said.

Delronn Mahan was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he shot Camden County Police Officer Patrick O’Hanlon in the thigh, according to NJ.com. Officer O’Hanlon is in stable condition and recovering from the wound.

Officers took Mahan into custody and used a tourniquet on Officer O’Hanlon.

NJ.com reported that Mahan was charged with attempted murder, resisting arrest, two counts of aggravated assault, and three weapons charges.

Mahan was treated at the hospital for lacerations and bruises on his head that he sustained during the struggle.

Court records stated Mahan admitted to the shooting and told police he ran because he thought there might be a warrant for his arrest, NJ.com reported.

Mahan is currently on probation after being convicted of charges including drug distribution, burglary and receiving stolen property.

Chief Thomson said he is going to find out why Mahan was free while awaiting trial despite his extensive criminal history.

That is the Justice system for you, All they really want is the money that comes with releasing you on bail and that is why they continue to release these no good thugs.

The prick that let this scum out on Probation should loose his licence and spend a few years in gaol.

And had he shot him instead of giving him an ass whipping the town would be on fire!

Demand accountability for Judges! They are literally getting away with murder!!

think what could have happened if he had a silencer!we need more gun laws.(sarc)