Game of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner Says She Has 'Real Urge' To Become A Cop

Holly Matkin

"Game of Thrones" actress Sophie Turner discussed her future in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

Los Angeles, CA – English actress Sophie Turner said she has a strong desire to enter the field of law enforcement, now that her role as Sansa Stark on the hit HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” has come to a close.

The 23-year-old actress has been a part of the show, which is currently in its eighth and final season, since its debut when she was just 15 years old, Unilad reported.

On April 17, Turner discussed her potential plans for the future during a sit-down for Dr. Phil McGraw’s podcast, “Phil in the Blanks.”

“I want to do a lot of things, and not just in the film world,” she explained during the interview, according to FOX News.

“At the moment I have a real urge to go to a police academy and become a cop,” Turner continued. “I’m fascinated with crime and why people do things and the interrogation process, and how you can manipulate your words in order to get someone to confess. That's something that really interests me.”

The actress revealed she is also interested in studying the field of psychology, People reported.

“I’m just really passionate about it,” she explained. “I think as an actor as well, it really informs your acting. I’m just fascinated in the study of why people are the way they are.”

“I want to know everything,” Turner added.

Turner said she took a break from work to focus on her own well-being after she filmed the show’s final season, FOX News reported.

“I actually am still on my break," she explained. "I took a break off of work to focus on my mental health because I thought it was important."

Turner will soon set out on a press tour with her “Game of Thrones” costars, which will be followed up by the release of her latest work as Jean Grey in the X-Men movie, “Dark Phoenix.”

The season eight premiere of “Game of Thrones” crushed prior records for the series and HBO, as nearly 17.4 million viewers tuned in.

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Cool. take the entrance examinations, and get hired in a LEO role. I wish her the best of luck, should she decide to change careers from acting to law enforcement.

jakki taylor
jakki taylor

So long as she is okay about going from adoring fans to people who want to kill you for shits and giggles--and that none of THIS is pretend.


She wants to be a cop in the UK, not America. Hairdressers have more training than a cop in America. She's way too unretarded to be an American cop


Seems like maybe a few ride-alongs might be good for her so she can see if she really wants to go through an entire career shift to police work, especially when she seems to want to be on the investigator side of things


How different is policing in her own country different then it is here in the US? Maybe she should play a cop on TV before trying to fill the shoes.