Four Correctional Officers Injured During Stabbing Inside Max-Security Prison

Holly Matkin

The correctional officers were injured as they tried to break up a fight between multiple inmates.

Cumberland, MD – Four correctional officers were transported for emergency medical care after they tried to break up a fight inside a maximum-security prison in Maryland.

The altercation erupted at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 12, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) said in a social media post.

One of the correctional officers suffered a stab wound to the arm and a slice to the chest, and was rushed to a local hospital.

A second correctional officer suffered a possible back or neck injury, and a third correctional officer’s wrist was injured during the brawl.

The fourth correctional officer was stabbed twice, according to the department.

“All of the correctional officers were alert and responsive upon leaving the facility,” the DPSCS said.

Two inmates were also stabbed during the altercation.

They were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators said they have identified the suspect they believe is responsible for the attacks, but his name was not released.

The maximum-security prison houses approximately 1,700 male inmates, and is located four miles southwest of Cumberland on U.S. Highway 220.

In August, a fight involving five inmates resulted in two inmates being stabbed inside a housing unit during a recreation period, the Cumberland Times-News reported.

They both suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Two months earlier, 33-year-old convicted killer Herbert Mayes was murdered during a brawl with six other inmates, The Baltimore Sun reported.

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Prayers for those Correctional Officers who were physically attacked and stabbed by prison inmates, and hope those Officers make a complete and healthy recovery.
How those jailbirds got a hold of knives inside the prison, remains a puzzlement, and I hope a thorough investigation will be done to find out if and why this was allowed to happen, and who was at fault. Hardcore prisoners, repeat convicted offenders, and prison inmates who prove to be a 'problem' for other inmates and officers, should not be given as much freedom time as 'first timers', which they have been allowed to do, for too many years.
Prison is not, and was never meant to be an inside-outside 'sporting arena' or fun place to be, but a place of punishment for anyone who is convicted and found guilty of committing a crime. Their punishment should be inside a locked cell, where they can be watched 24-7, to do THEIR time in PRISON! They should not or ever be considered 'the victim', because, in truth, THEY ARE NOT; THEY ARE THE CONVICTED PERPETRATOR!

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