Founder Of Group Harassing Sen. Cruz At Dinner Is 'Dead Cops' Tweet Professor

The group who chased U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and his wife from a restaurant was founded by cop hater Michael Isaacson.

Washington, DC – The DC-based antifa group that harassed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife while they were out to dinner on Monday night was founded by a notorious cop hater (video below).

Cruz and his wife had arrived for dinner at Fiola restaurant at about 7 p.m. on Sept. 24 when they were accosted by a group of antifa protesters.

Smash Racism DC, the DC-based antifa organization who took credit for the disruption, said they were protesting against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The group posted two videos of the altercation to Twitter.

Immediately after the senator and his wife sat down to dinner, the group approached the table, the video showed.

“We believe survivors! We believe survivors!” a group of about 20 protesters shouted inside the quiet dining room as they surrounded the senator and his wife.

One woman approached the table and told the senator’s wife that she was a survivor and that she believed all the women who had come forward about Kavanaugh.

Then she asked Heidi Cruz to pressure her husband to vote against Kavanaugh as others screamed and shouted behind her, the video showed.

At that point, Cruz and his wife got up to leave their table and the restaurant.

Other diners remained seated with horrified expressions on their faces, the video showed. Many held their phones up to film the kerfuffle.

Cruz ignored the people screaming in his face, and had to push his way through the demonstrators to make a path, the video showed.

“God bless you,” he said pleasantly, after one woman screamed directly into his face.

His wife attempted to follow him to the rear exit, but was blocked by antifa.

“Let my wife through,” Cruz demanded, and the two of them made a quick exit through a back door that a restaurant employee had opened for them.

“Bye! See ya!” the protesters screamed in the video.

At that point, restaurant staff told the protesters to leave, the video showed.

On their way out, they continued screaming, as if everyone in the restaurant needed to be educated by them.

“Ted Cruz and Brett Kavanaugh are best friends. Vote no on Kavanaugh!” one protester yelled at the diners.

“Cancel Kavanaugh!” one woman shrieked, and then the rest of them copied her in a chant.

The group that ran the Cruzes out of an expensive DC restaurant on Monday night was created by the same antifa organizer who bragged about teaching “future dead cops” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

Inside Higher Education reported that Michael Isaacson was suspended from his adjunct professorship after he tweeted such things as “My job program: Kill all white people born before 1962” and “Reminder that if Trump does end up winning this stupid thing to assassinate Mike Pence *first*.”

John Jay is well-known for having educated many former and current members of the New York Police Department.

"Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops,” Isaacson tweeted on Aug. 23 according to the New York Post.

The school most recently made headlines when at least four professors were the subject of two complaints that accused them of running an “academic underworld” of drugs and prostitution, The New York Times reported.

In January, John Jay College told The Daily Caller that Isaacson, who has repeatedly said that he supported and condoned violence against people with differing political views, was no longer employed by the school.

Isaacson refers to almost everyone he disagrees with as Nazis. And he has publicly defended what he said is his right to commit violence against those people.

“There is the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don’t think they should,” Isaacson told The Hill in an interview where he took credit for founding the DC antifa group Smash Racism DC.

On Tuesday morning, Isaacson tweeted a complaint that he was being blamed for the incident with the Cruzes, and said he was not involved. However, Blue Lives Matter observed that he engaged privacy settings on his account and made all of his postings private shortly thereafter.

You can see the video of the protesters harassing the senator and his wife below:

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All the things that Isaacson claims to abhor...he practices regularly. He uses Nazi tactics, oppression, hatred and fear to make his points. A rose by any other name...


why is this nut case not in jail?


We're all familiar with the race card. But few realize there's another card that's played a lot more often; The Badge Card.

The Badge Card is played anytime a law enforcement officer is implicated in a crime. You know, like these Spades that someone always seems to post when an officer is charged with DWI; "They're under a lot of stress" and "You would drink too if you had to do their jobs", and, my personal favorite, "Is this all the media has to report on? How about off duty cop spanks his child?"

Or when a cop is charged with a crime in which they benefited financially, it never fails that someone will post this Diamond "They should pay us more, then he wouldn't have had to do this".

Sometimes the Badge Card is played to intimidate, slander, and even threaten those who expect accountability from law enforcement, like the ever popular "You're a cop hater" and "Only a criminal would make a comment like that". And on a recent article about creating a civilian police review board, this little Ace was left by someone purporting to be an officer "Go ahead and create a more hostile environment for police officers that make arrests and keep this city safe. Soon you find police officers that don't want to work and the criminals will take over the city.Those that make war against the police better be prepared to make friends with the criminals."

Then there are the most ominous Badge Cards of them all, the "I was in fear for my life" and "He was reaching for his waistband" cards. These Jokers are dropped in place of the throw-down guns that were once a part of the Official Police Officers Duty Belt. Rarely played when there's video to contradict, and always dealt from the bottom of the deck, these cards allow local cops to kill at will, and to trump prosecution by the DA's office.

As we've just seen, the Badge Card comes in different suits. Deciding which to play depends on whether the dealer wishes to minimize their own criminal conduct, justify it entirely, extort higher pay, or simply bully us into silence. So, next time you're stopped by a member of local law enforcement, ante up, cut the cards, and prepare to take your chances with a loaded deck.


"One woman approached the table and told the senator’s wife that she was a survivor and that she believed all the women who had come forward about Kavanaugh.". If that is so, then she must be very confused, because at least 65 women support Kavanaugh, while there are maybe 2 allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.


who tells these gutter crawlers where to be?