Fort Worth Officer Shot In Head

Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull, a 17-year veteran of the force, was fighting for his life on Friday morning.

Fort Worth, TX A Fort Worth police officer is in critical condition, after being shot in the forehead by a suspect as he intervened in a burglary-in-progress.

Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull is in the fight of his life, Mayor Betsy Price said during a press conference early Friday morning.

The incident began at approximately midnight, while undercover Officer Hull was conducting surveillance on a group of three robbery suspects, WFAA reported.

The crew he was watching went inside the Vaquero Sports Bar in the Worth Heights area of the city, and proceeded to rob the patrons.

According to a witness, the trio stormed into the establishment wearing masks and brandishing guns.

They ordered everyone to hit the floor, then took the customers cellphones and wallets.

The suspects were fleeing the scene when uniformed and undercover officers confronted them.

One of the suspects spun around and fired his weapon, hitting Officer Hull.

In their attempt to try to apprehend the three people that were robbing the bar, one of the people exchanged gunfire with my officers and that gunfire struck one of the officers in his forehead, Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said during the press conference.

Another officer at the scene returned fire, and fatally shot the assailant who fired the round that hit Officer Hull.

Police arrested two other suspects one male and one female.

Officer Hull, a 17-year veteran of the force, was rushed to John Peter Smith Hospital in a fellow officers patrol vehicle.

In the midst of it the officers involved in the active scene actually extricated the officer who was struck in the head and got him here to JPS Hospital, Chief Fitzgerald said.

No one inside the bar was injured during the shootout, the chief said.

Our Officer who was shot is currently in ICU in critical condition, the Fort Worth Police Department tweeted in the early morning hours. He has family and fellow Officers with him.

Our Officer is courageously fighting at this time, the agency said. We ask that you keep his recovery in your thoughts.

During the press conference, Chief Fitzgerald said the crew was responsible for numerous armed robberies in the area, and that three other people had also been shot during the commission of their earlier offenses.

Unfortunately, here we are again Feeding into the collective hurt weve had recently in the last few years, Chief Fitzgerald said. I feel like I stand up here far too often and speak about officers being assaulted, and officers doing their job to try to create this safe sense of community and cooperation and collaboration in the city of Fort Worth, and being victims of violent acts.

Chief Fitzgerald commended the officers who intervened in the robbery, and said the police force will continue to stand up to those who victimize the community.

Im proud of them, he said, calling his officers heroes.

Hundreds of officers from throughout the region are waiting at the hospital in support of Officer Hull and his family, the chief said.

Its not a fair tradeoff. Its not a fair tradeoff at all. We have an officer fighting for his life right now for some guys that thought it was easy to go out and rob stores here in the city of Fort Worth and the North Texas region, Chief Fitzgerald said.

I thank all the law enforcement out here and the great response were getting tell them that this isnt what happens here. Were not gonna allow that kind of behavior, the chief added.

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My deepest condolences to Officer Hull's family, and his work family. This just makes me sick, Officers getting shot is an every day event. Thank you Officer Hull for serving with the Police Force. R.I.P. GOD BLESS ALL OF HIS FAMILY, AND WORK FAMILY, AND ALL OFFICERS OUT THERE.


Officer Hull died Friday night at 9:40 PM. This is from Fort Worth PD's Facebook page: "It is with profound sadness that we must inform you that Officer Garrett Hull passed away Friday at 9:40 p.m. He was with family, friends and fellow officers. Please continue to pray for his family and those that need it in this tragic time."


I'm sorry to report that this fine young man passed away earlier this morning. I'm sure that the Mayor or some city official will have more information soon. We are all praying for this young man's soul and for his family and the family of officers that he worked with. Officers from all cities around Fort Worth came running when they knew that help was needed and they are also to be commended.


Repeated news of such events of Brother and Sister officers paying the ultimate price and visiting the 9-11 Museum & Memorial earlier this week has made the NFL unwatchable in our household! We will not support ungrateful millionaires who denigrate real heroes and our great nation! RIP Brother and condolences to the family.


Not again!! I literally started crying when I saw he had passed. My condolences go out to his family and fellow Officer's. 🙏💙🇺🇸