Florida Woman Arrested After Squeezing Boyfriend's Testicles Til They Bled

Katie Lee Pitchford was arrested after she squeezed her boyfriend's testicles until they bled during an argument.

Indian Harbour Beach, FL – A Florida woman violated her probation when she assaulted her boyfriend and squeezed his testicles until they bled.

The incident occurred on June 4 when a fight between 21-year-old Katie Lee Pitchford and her live-in boyfriend escalated into a violent brawl, Florida Today reported.

Police responded to a call for a domestic violence incident and found Pitchford’s boyfriend with a black eye and blood running down the left side of his face.

An arrest affidavit said that Pitchford was enraged when she allegedly hit her boyfriend with a brush, according to WJZ.

Then she continued to hit him with her fists and then scratched him and drew blood.

“The victim also stated the defendant ‘grabbed him by his balls and squeezed them until they were bleeding,'” the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department’s police report on the incident read.

Pitchford then grabbed her boyfriend by the throat and held him until he couldn’t breathe, WJZ reported.

Her boyfriend was eventually was able to escape the torture and called the police.

Pitchford told police that she argued with her boyfriend but said it hadn’t gotten physical, WJZ reported.

After police arrested her, she asked from the back of the patrol car to talk to her boyfriend.

The police report said Pitchford told police that she wanted to tell her boyfriend she was sorry, WJZ reported.

Police have not said what Pitchford and her boyfriend were fighting about, or what made the woman so angry.

She was arrested and charged with domestic battery, Florida Today reported.

Pitchford was also charged with violating her probation in connection with a 2017 incident in when she hit a law enforcement officer.

She remains in jail without bond pending a court appearance on June 25, Florida Today reported.

A Brevard County judge ordered Pitchford to have no contact with her boyfriend and said she couldn’t return to his home to get her belongings without being accompanied by police.

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