Florida HOA Orders The Removal Of Signs Honoring Murdered Kissimmee Officers

Dozens of neighborhood residents have Back the Blue signs in their yard and have been told by their HOA that they will have to remove them.

St. Cloud, FL - Dozens of residents in a St. Cloud neighborhood have been told by their homeowners' association that they have to remove their 'Back the Blue' signs from their yard.

The Stevens Plantation Residential Owner's Association recently sent letters to residents advising them that the signs violate the community rules, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Homeowners put the signs up after the murders of Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter and Kissimmee Police Sgt. Richard 'Sam' Howard in August to show their support.

In the incident where both officers were murdered, Officer Baxter had initiated a routine check of three suspicious people. Sgt. Howard responded to assist him.

At some point during the incident, the suspect, Everett Glenn Miller, pulled out a handgun and shot both officers.

Officer Baxter died shortly after being shot, and Sgt. Howard died the following day.

One resident, Bryan Burgess, told Fox 35, "We support the blue; we back them, so we like to show that. We’re showing support for our local law enforcement, two have lost their lives in the line of duty I don’t think there’s an issue with it.”

He said that he and his family have had the sign in their front yard since August, when the two officers were killed.

Other residents, the Van Kirk family, said that backing the blue is in their blood because they come from a law enforcement family.

Janet Van Kirk said, "It's just about being supportive, of those that put their lives on the line every day to protect me and my family."

"It's just disappointment because it's not like it's hurting anybody I just want to show my support that's all I just want to say thank you."

Some residents said that they will remove the sign from their yards and put it in a window.

Burgess said, "I plan on it staying there until I can go to the community meeting and talk to them about it."

All of the residents said that they plan on going to the community meeting to voice their concerns.

This is terrible and I hope they get to keep the signs.

The HOA has to do what the community wants. Heck, the community can dissolve the HOA if they have enough backing it, but most home owners are too lazy to speak up. Much like real government, an HOA has only as much power as we let them have.

Those patriotic and brave individuals should do a recall vote on the co-op.

Get a petition and recall vote those cop hating board memebers. Throw them off the board and change bilaws to allow Old Glory to sail through the air along with Support the Blue and blue lives matter flags.

A Florida HOA is the closest thing to North Korea that you will find.