Firefighter's FB Posts Promote Executing Police, Terrorizing Officers' Families

Baltimore City Fire Department firefighter Jamal Brown is under investigation for his comment on social media.

Baltimore, MD – A 20-year veteran of the Baltimore City Fire Department has become the subject of an internal investigation, after he made a comment on social media supporting the execution of police officers and encouraging attacks on police families.

Baltimore City Firefighter Jamal Brown said his comment was taken out of context, WJZ reported.

The now-viral Facebook post featured a photo of a police officer standing in front of his patrol car with his hands at his sides, facing an assailant who was holding a gun inches from the officer’s face.

Behind the officer stood a second attacker, who pointing his gun to the back of the officer’s skull.

“Does it Have to come to this to make Them Stop Murdering and Terrorizing Us?” the image read.

The veteran firefighter chimed in that he agreed with the post, then suggested that the families of law enforcement officers should also be attacked.

“Yes. We will also have to brutalize there family, people and love ones the same way they do ours,” Brown wrote.

Many social media users blasted Brown for his comment – especially considering the fact that he is a public servant who has worked alongside police officers for the past two decades.

Screenshots of the post went viral, drawing the attention of fire department officials who have since opened an investigation into the incident, the firefighter’ union president confirmed, according to WJZ.

Brown claimed that his comment has been blown out of proportion.

“My intent, it wasn’t malicious at all. It was just, I replied to a post and it was taken completely out of character,” Brown told WJZ in an interview.

“I apologize for offending anyone that was offended,” he added.

Brown did not say what he intended to accomplish by posting the comment, and did not offer an explanation regarding how he believed his words were misconstrued.

Social media users also criticized Brown for a Nov. 6 post where he appeared to support erroneous claims that only police kill black people.

“We work hand-in-hand with the Baltimore City police department,” he told WJZ. “We are co-workers. We may work in different departments, but we are co-workers.”

Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson Blair Skinner said that Brown’s comment is not indicative of the beliefs of the department or its members.

“Our men and women of the Baltimore City Fire Department and the Baltimore City Police Department, we are all brothers and sisters in blue and we are public servants here to serve the city of Baltimore,” Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson Blair Skinner told WJZ.

Brown remains employed pending the outcome of the investigation.

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Was the asshole fired yet?




Dear Chief Ford,

As the wife of a man who has served the public for over 20 years, as police officer AND firefighter/EMT, my children and I are members of the population placed in the crosshairs by Jamal Brown. It does not surprise me to hear such threatening language from our racially charged youth, who lack maturity, context and an understanding of history and who grew up listening to the highly divisive statements made by a "community leader", elected to president. It does surprise me when someone whose job it is to not only provide a life-saving service, but also works closely with other First Responders feels emboldened and entitled to regurgitate lies and express such a lack of respect for regard for law enforcement officers and their families. I have to believe the only way he can maintain professional and cohesive relationships with the police officers in your community, would be for none of them to be aware of his disgusting comments. In other words, if any of the law enforcement officers in your community have read his posts, this will likely undermine their relationship with Fire Services. Lack of respect for or trust in each other is not a safe situation for either the police or fire departments, much less the public-at-large.

It is my sincere hope that you will not allow this man to continue to spew his vitriol and ridiculously claim he's just misunderstood. As a registered nurse, I can tell you that if I expressed this same opinion verbally, much less written all over social media... I would be seeking alternative employment and possibly needing to change careers. I believe that is the most appropriate course of action in the case of Jamal Brown.


CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT JAMAL BROWN---- Niles Ford, Fire Chief -City of Baltimore Phone (410) 396-3083 JAMAL NEEDS TO GO.


GUILTY should be the only finding in this "investigation" and FIRED should be the only action. He's a pure disgrace to his profession, the city of Baltimore, and all of the first responders who work alongside of him every time he's on shift.