Female Teacher Actually Gets Serious Prison Time For Sex With Student

Former history teacher Michelle Schiffer was sentenced to prison on Sep. 6.

Cypress, TX A 24-year-old former high school history teacher who admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old student has been sentenced to prison.

In May, Michelle Schiffer, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of improper relationship with a student, and faced up to 20 years in prison, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Harris County State District Judge Robert Johnson sentenced her to eight years in prison on Sep. 6.

Michelle and her family are disappointed with the outcome thus far, but she accepts responsibility for what she has done, her attorney, Grant Scheiner, told the Houston Chronicle. Michelle is prepared to serve her sentence and hopes the complainant and his family can forgive her.

According to court documents, Schiffer was working as a history teacher at Cypress Springs High School when she struck up a relationship with a 15-year-old boy, KHOU reported

In July of 2017, she met up with the teen at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant, then proceeded to smoke marijuana with him and have sex at a friends home.

On another occasion, she smoked pot with the boy and had sex with him in her car after picking him up from a park.

The teen allegedly bragged about the encounters to another student, who alerted school administrators.

According to court documents, Schiffer admitted to the allegations against her, and was placed on administrative leave by the school district, KTRK reported.

She was later fired, according to KHOU.

Prosecutors accused Schiffer of texting other students as well, and said she sent topless pictures of herself to some of the teens.

This isnt a heat-of-the-moment thing, prosecutor Keaton Forcht told the court, according to the Houston Chronicle. This is over a series of months with different students.

It was unclear why Schiffer was not charged in connection with those accusations.

I dont think any mother should have to go through this, the teens mother testified through tears. You trust those people. You put your trust in those people.

Schiffers family and friends testified that she was not taking her antidepressants when she repeatedly sexually assaulted the teen, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Shes horrified about what she did to that poor young man, her mother, Mary Schiffer, told the court. I think shes remorsefulShe knows what she did was wrong. She made a series of bad choices to bring her to that place. Since then, she has really become consistent with [her therapy and medication].

Schiffer is engaged to a U.S. Marine, and was planning to get married in November, Mary said.

He is disappointed, of course, and upset by her actions, but he loves her and is standing by her, she added.

Because Schiffer was not convicted of a sexual assault offense, she is not required to register as a sex offender, the Houston Chronicle reported.

She has a scarlet letter thats going to last the rest of her life, Scheiner said. And that is part of the punishment.

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IS it me, or are the plain looking teachers getting hard time whilst the prettier teachers are getting slaps to their hands?


Wait....what! A male teacher doing this with a female student would definitely be charged with sexual assault and be put on the sexual offenders list. Double standard?


Think of me what you want, but this is one of those situations where I think a double standard should operate. If a super hot female teacher in her mid 20s had had sex with me when I was 15, not only I would not have been traumatised but I would have been bragging non-stop until I was 40. If the genders were reversed, I would be the first to call for pitchforks and torches, though. Politically incorrect, for sure, and difficult to rationalize, but that's how I feel.


Yes, its wrong, but the victim was bragging about it so he was hardly traumatized by the sex. As a parent my concerns: he is too young to appreciate that he could have contracted STDs or gotten her pregnant. He could get emotionally attached to someone who wasnt invested in his well being. Then there is the drug use and, of course, what is the mental stability of a teacher who has to go to younger males for sex. What was in it for her? I guess, maybe their stamina....whatever. Creepy. Do the crime, do the time. Id expect no less if it were a male teacher.

As to her Marine fiancé, dude semper fi and all that, but seriously, you should rethink this relationship.


It's great to read responses from people who have common sense! I agree 100%! That kid knew what he was doing, bragged about it, & would have continued the relationship if she hadn't been reported! A 15-year-old kid isn't mature enough to understand the full consequences of his actions, but he knows enough to know that it's wrong! If I was the mom of that kid, he'd wouldn't leave the house, have access to a phone, participate in any activities until he truly had "matured" a lot! He sounds like a problem too.