FB Suspended Me For Posting This Video Of Guy Who Attacked Cop

Christopher Berg

Facebook has suspended me for posting my amusement about a video.

On Friday, Blue Lives Matter posted a link to a news article on the Blue Lives Matter Facebook page with a video that showed a man attack a cop and get hit by a truck while running away.

Facebook has since deleted the post and suspended my posting privileges for saying that the man made a "satisfying splat" even though he wasn't seriously injured, unlike the officer he attacked.

This comes two months after Facebook deleted another one of our posts for saying I peed myself laughing at a Taser video.

There is no way to appeal the suspension.

As a result, people were denied the opportunity to see one of the all-time best karma videos for... training purposes, and not for its splattiness.

I have included a copy of the original article below, with the video, as written by Blue Lives Matter's Holly Matkin.

Vancouver, BC – Three men brutally assaulted a Vancouver police officer during a traffic stop on Tuesday night (video below).

One of the assailants attempted to flee the scene on foot, and was struck by a pickup truck, cell phone footage showed.

The incident began at approximately 10 p.m. on Oct. 9, when two Vancouver police officers in plainclothes spotted a Dodge Durango traveling in an area that was closed off to traffic, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The officers stopped the vehicle between Seymour and Granville Streets, and approached the three men inside the SUV, according to the North Shore News.

The occupants were immediately “confrontational and verbally abusive,” Vancouver Police Sergeant Jason Robillard said during a press conference on Wednesday.

The officers then noticed the occupants reaching beneath a seat, so they opened one of the SUV doors, Sgt. Robillard said.

One of the suspects grabbed onto one of the officers, pulling him inside the vehicle, and “two men began to punch [the officer] repeatedly in the face and head,” the sergeant explained. “As the other officer rushed to help, all three men exited the vehicle and continued to assault the officers."

Cell phone footage showed the altercation between the officers and the combative men after it was already underway.

“Get on the ground!” one of the officers ordered, as a suspect in a purple jacket took off running towards an intersection.

The man sprinted across the roadway while looking over his shoulder at the pursuing officer, and turned around just as a gray pickup drove into the intersection and slammed into him with a sickening thud, the video showed.

Seemingly uninjured, the suspect jumped up and took off running again, but was apprehended by another officer two blocks away, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The other two vehicle occupants were also arrested.

Brendan Robinson, 21, and Troy Robinson, 22, were charged with willfully obstructing a peace officer and assaulting a police officer, CBC reported.

Brian Allen, 24, was charged with resisting arrest and possession of stolen property under $5,000 for stealing the injured officer’s cell phone.

All three of the suspects are well-known to Vancouver police, the Vancouver Sun reported.

According to CBC, additional charges related to drugs and alcohol the officers found inside the suspects’ vehicle may be forthcoming, police said.

The injured officer is now recovering at home.

“The injuries are to the head and face, and we consider them to be substantial injuries,” Sgt. Robillard said, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“This is an example of the risk all police officers face as they work to protect the citizens they serve. This sort of incident affects the entire policing community,” he added. “We wish our officer a speedy recovery and will ensure the officer and his family have the support they need.”

Sgt. Robillard said that, although the officers were not wearing uniforms, the suspects were all aware of who they were dealing with.

“These officers in this particular case were in plainclothes. They did pull this vehicle over with their emergency lights on their vehicle, they did identify themselves as police officers, and there is no doubt in my mind that the three occupants in the vehicle knew they were police officers,” he said.

The Robinson brothers are the sons of retired Hells Angels member Lloyd Robinson, who is also the half-brother of East End Hells Angels President John Bryce, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Watch cell phone footage of the runaway suspect being struck by a pickup in the video below:

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Generally, people who haven't been LEOs or been around them a long time, either in a work environment or social environment, fail to understand the "dark" sense of humor.


I'll consider this a training video.


I think it is hilarious! Play stupid games, win stupid bruises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FB is a communist run liberal agenda social media sight. And just for the halibut, I'm going to repost the video with my ROFLMAO stated!

Lamont Cranston
Lamont Cranston

That is sooooo true!!!


I LOVED the story.....FB sucks!


I'll be posting this as well, as I did the original video. Hilarious ?? Oh hell yes !

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Some people just get upset way, way too easily.


Seems like people are always filming when it only benefits them in some way. Our local Springlake officers will pull someone over and about 3 people will stop their cars to get out with their phones. Hey, I think we should live stream those stops on city cable, it would be very entertaining to see. So Springlake guys got into a short chase and the guy stops. He gets out of his car with gun blazing. He hits multiple cars with slugs as officers dive and duck for cover. After the officers can get their composure, they return fire and kill the guy. A man who happened to be walking by, told the media it was a murderous ambush by cops, they done murdered another Black man. So Chief Citty rushed the dash camera footage to all media which shows the man getting out of his car and windshields cracking, bullets ricocheting off body panels and such. Then the officers fire when they are behind trunks and such. Of course the man who made the initial report to media was long gone.


Not suprised, FB is full of sissys, when you have a mod complain about it's job being hard because it has some disturbing images sent to her you know it's bad.


Did they suspend the person for not going to help The video taker will think why isn’t someone helping me when they are in danger. Or will they think about how they look when they are getting the crap beaten out of them and no one helps