Father Says He Did His 'Duty' After Discovering Son Was Breaking Into Cars

A father discovered his son's string of burglaries and gun thefts in Houston.

Houston, TX – A disappointed father said it was his duty to call the police after his son confessed to breaking into hundreds of cars, and stealing a Houston police officer’s gear.

Theodis Daniel called 911 on April 16 and told police that his 18-year-old son was on a burglary spree and had stolen several guns, according to KEYE-TV.

He explained that his son, Cristian Daniel, had called him on FaceTime to brag about some of the items he’d stolen, including gear from a Houston police officer.

“Dad, look what I got,” his father told police he’d said.

His father said that through the phone, he saw a neon-reflective vest, a long black flashlight, a Houston Police Department citation book, and a handgun with a box of ammunition.

He told police that Cristian Daniel had gotten out of jail in January and since committed the string of crimes. Cristian was on probation, his father said.

Theodis Daniel also told police that his son had bragged about his string of vehicular break-ins committed by breaking car windows with a tool. He told his father he targeted cars left in parking lots, KEYE reported.

He told officers his son had showed him five or six different handguns and was treating the police officer’s stolen items like a trophy.

The father said he called police because he was concerned for his son’s safety, as well as those from whom his son was stealing.

"Pretty hard for me to do," Theodis Daniel told KEYE.

"This is Texas,” he explained. “If you break into someone's car, they will handle you. I didn't need someone shooting my son. I didn't need my son shooting him, or going on a high speed chase killing himself or other people. He was compromising people's safety and his own."

Theodis Daniel said it was his duty as a veteran to turn his son in to authorities, KEYE reported.

Cristian Daniel was arrested and held on a $20,000 bond.

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We really don’t know what happened during that time. Good grief! Give the dad MAJOR kudos for turning his son in which I am quite sure it was not an easy thing to do.

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I am quite sure it was not an easy thing to do.


I agree totally with you, sir! My spouse was a police officer for 35 years before retiring. Both of us were raised to be accountable for one's actions and we raised our sons with that standard as well. Practicing that hasn't always been easy but its too important a lesson not to drill into your children's head. I'm an attorney and both of us have seen plenty of cases of children who were raised right by their parents and go off the rails as adults. I commend this father for the hard but correct action he had to take. I can only pray that some day his son realizes what an act of love this was.


You are so right ! . . . I have started saying at a certain point, "It's not 'if' this is the last mass shooting . . . it's waiting for the next one". You are correct, I have a son and daughter, I'd turn them in in a heartbeat.


We raised 3 children , our youngest was a boy. He was of age & out of high school when he got into drugs . We tried everything in the e
ND he went through detox 13 times , a few included a short rehab . During this time he stole his dad's rifle , well we had him arrested , one of the hardest things as a mom was to set him up with the police , but I did it ! He is clean almost 10 years has a wife & family , a Union Crane operater ! They say a hard core heroin users have virtually no chance of recovery ! So thankful my son has beaten the odds ! It took hard work on his behalf and ours , but with God help he made it ! Sometimes some jail times helps ! He had it tough also since his uncle was the Captain of his shift at the county jail , had to be sure not to show any leniency in his position ! lol ,all worked out and he is very close to his Dad & I .