Facebook Continues To Host Video Of Dying Cop, Says They'll Hide It From Kids

A video of Officer Michael Langsdorf's death video is still live on Facebook even though it was reported many times.

Denver, CO – Cop haters continued to celebrate the murder of North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf on Facebook, and the social media platform have been slow to take action against posts showing the dying officer.

Officer Langsdorf, 40, was murdered after he responded to Clay’s Food Market in Wellston at about 4:30 p.m. on June 24 for a report of a customer trying to cash a bad check, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Police have arrested 26-year-old Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks and charged him with the officer’s death.

“He confronted this person that was trying to pass the bad check, and during that confrontation a struggle ensued… the entire incident was captured on surveillance video,” North County Police Cooperative Major Ron Martin told reporters.

Meeks beat Officer Langsdorf in the head with his gun and then shot the officer in the back of the neck at point-blank range. Major Martin described is as “execution style.”

An employee of the store, Kashina Harper, pulled out her phone and began filming a Facebook livestream video of the officer dying on the ground.

Harper said she thought she was doing a good deed by filming what had happened, never imagining that the officer would actually die.

She claimed that she posted the video live with the best intentions in the hope that more people would call 911.

“The only reason why I put it on Facebook was for him to get justice. I didn’t know he was going to get killed and I just wanted him to know when they take that man to trial, he knows what he did and how much pain he put this man through,” Harper said.

The video was shared and quickly went viral. Instead of being horrified and sickened by what they’d seen, numerous people shared it.

In fact, the fallen hero’s hometown newspaper even published the link to the death video without seemingly giving a thought to the murdered officer’s family, not all of whom had been notified at that point.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch later issued an apology.

Harper later took down the video, but before she took it down, numerous other users had already downloaded it and shared it all over Facebook and various other social media platforms.

During a press conference on Monday, Major Martin said the police department had worked with Facebook to have the social media platform scrubbed of the video of Officer Langsdorf’s death.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, active copies of the video still appeared on Facebook and the social media giant seemed to have ignored reports from users about and left the video up.

The social media platform responded that the video was graphic and posted a warning and a second click-through on top of the content.

"We now limit visibility of this type of content to people older than 18," their response said.

But Facebook did not take action to numerous reports that the video violated community standards, and the videos reported remained active at publication time.

A cop-hater with an ax to grind was selling t-shirts on Facebook that feature a screenshot from Harper’s video and celebrate Officer Langsdorf’s murder.

“Better one of theirs than one of ours,” the shirt read.

“1 Down – a picture of Officer Langsdorf – Many more to go…” read another shirt offered for $28 on the same page.

Hundreds of police wives from across the nation reported the images to Facebook but it took the platform until late Monday night to start taking down the flagged pictures and advertisements for the shirts.

“I notified them multiple times over a 24-hour period,” one wife told Blue Lives Matter. “I got a notification a little before one o’clock this morning that Facebook had finally reviewed it and found it violated their standards.”

“But what I want to know,” she continued angrily, “Is why does it take Facebook so long to take down such a hurtful and controversial video of a tragedy when they seem to be able to take down political rhetoric they disagree with so quickly and easily?”

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100% the reason I'm no longer on any social media!!!!! Disgusting they allow this! His poor fiance and kids!!!


“Better one of theirs than one of ours,” the shirt read. 1 Down – a picture of Officer Langsdorf – Many more to go…”
WTF is wrong with people? Do these animals not have hearts?!?This is disgusting and absurd. Imagine his kids seeing these shirts?!?


Do we bitch about the JFK Association? Get a Fucking Life and stop Bullying this lady.


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