Elementary School Hangs Posters In Classes Calling Police 'Predators'

The school is looking into criminal charges against a person who took the posters down.

Eugene, OR – Posters that called police“predators" were hanging on the walls and inside the classrooms of a public elementary school

Now the school wants to criminally charge the person who took them down.

The school district barred the person it thinks removed them and is talking with police about their unlawful removal, according to KLCC radio. 4-J District Superintendent Gustavo Balderas said removing the anti-police posters could be considered vandalism.

The posters hung on the walls of River Road /El Camino del Rio Elementary and read, “IMMIGRANTS WELCOME” in all capitals bold print. Underneath was listed statements including, “It doesn’t keep out predators; It gives them badges and guns.”

KLCC reported that school officials said they think a contractor took them off the wall during winter break.

That contractor shared photos of the posters on Facebook and many commenters accused the school of student indoctrination. KLCC reported that the contractor was barred from the school. The contractor removed the post from Facebook.

“It wasn’t the 'IMMIGRANTS WELCOME', it was what was below that, that spoke about the border wall and that was where it gets a bit tricky with the politics of it all,” Balderas said.

Balderas said some teachers have removed the original posters and the district is discussing its policies with educators.

“As of right now, we welcome any immigrant posters that are up anywhere across the district,” Balderas said. “It’s making sure that again we use language that does not politicize this statement.”

KLCC is the National Public Radio outlet for Oregonians. The KLCC article didn’t mention that the poster called police “predators.” Instead, the headline read, “In Eugene School, Controversy Over Torn Down Posters Welcoming Immigrants.”

The posters also made statements such as, “The border is not a wall – it’s a system of control” as well as “There is only one world, and the border is tearing it apart.”

The posters appear to have originated from crimethinc.com, which lists its mailing address in Oregon. That website describes itself as “a rebel alliance” and “is an international network of aspiring revolutionaries extending from Kansas to Kuala Lumpur.”

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So a School that teaches kids to hate the Police want the Police to arrest a man who took down their anti-Police Posters? They hate the Police but are quick to call the Police when something Trivial and not criminal happens? Since the School Staff hates the Police, hates the U.S. and wants all the kids to grow up as Thug Huggers, the entire staff of the School should be moved to Mexico and denied reentry into the U.S. since this is such an awful place! Lets see how they make out down there since they love Mexico so much!

Heezels said: "Heezels: Should the penalty for every crime be death? How about drunk driving, shall we execute anyone arrested for DUI? Immigrants aren't a danger to the lives of those around them, but a drunk driver is. How about texting. As many deaths are being caused by texting as DUI now, shall we justify the death of everyone texting behind the wheel? You seem to feel that someone with the same initiative that your ancestors had, to provide a better life for their family (under different immigration laws) should earn them a death sentence?" Actually no. You're putting words in my comments. It's actively not a death penalty to eliminate water jugs in the desert. For one, those are placed there at random, so there's no guarantee that people crossing the border would even reach them. Secondly, It is the job of border patrol to eliminate incentives for people to cross the border. They're not there to make it easier for them to break the law either. You keep bringing up this point that it's a death sentence. Most people crossing the border also bring with them water and food for the journey. The water jugs in the desert at this point are more of a convenience than they are a necessity. You're making that assumption. Now, back to your comparison that they had "the same initiative that my ancestors had." No, they don't. My ancestors were brutes, just like the ancestors of every single race of people on this planet. If they had the same initiative of my ancestors they would be attacking border patrol, and I would hope for their quick end for doing so. I will also like to add, that is is not a better life. I've worked with children in DACA programs on a border state. They live a life of paranoia and subservience to whatever employer utilizes their vulnerable status to hold over their heads. Illegal immigration is only making the problem worse. It's creating a scenario where border towns in Mexico are becoming highly transient with different people from different nations in South America. Crime has risen to the point of being unstable, and they towns that once had a centralized government have descended into chaos. A part of that is the US's doing, in that they've been deporting people en masse, but with limited reach for a long time. But MOST of it is on the part of the people who are crossing illegally. They're risking life and limb for a dream that will always bout just out of reach. It's no way for them to live, and the best thing for them is to just stop trying to come here. They'll only be used and abused by people that will gladly pay less for more work. and then they'll be sent back when the company wants to trade in for a better model. I don't know how anyone who considers themselves compassionate, would ever condone the system of slavery that is now in place for illegal immigrants to be taken advantage of. But yeah, dopes like you will blame the men and women in border patrol because they kicked a few water jugs. Meanwhile, your nice avocado spread at the weakly revolution meet and greet was brought to you by the very slaves you wish to keep in prisoned for your own convenience. Once a democrat... always a democrat.



Yeah, davidebrwn is right about the hypocrisy. Basically someone in the school's admin is saying, "I'm mad because someone was offended and took a sign down that called police "predators," so I'm gonna call the "predators" and whine about it." Hypocrisy and audacity all wrapped up in one.


"The school district barred the person it thinks removed them and is talking with police about their unlawful removal"this is just a little bit hypocritical , dont you think? Asking someone to help you that you just slandered? ridiculous. I would pay to see the faces of these people when the socialist police show up. In the socialist workers paradise they want to make America into. Their tears and sheer terror would fill rivers, like it did in the soviet union when they "liquidated" every one that fought to get the socialists into power.


I not only would have taken this poster down, I would have force fed it to the administrator that allowed it to be put up!