Drug Dealer Shot By Police - Mother Says He Was Being 'Real Ignorant,' Cops Did What They Had To Do

The mother of a man shot and killed by police in Cleveland on Wednesday blames her son for his own death.

Cleveland, OH – A Cleveland man was shot by police on Wednesday after he pointed a gun at officers. Now his mother says that she does not blame the police for her son’s death.

Cyrida Levinson said her son carried two guns every day, and sold drugs, in a poignant interview she gave to WOIO on Thursday morning, after she identified her son’s body for the police.

The mother of Antonio Levinson, age 33, said she’d told him she didn’t want to have to identify his body on Saturday, the last time she saw her son, as she again urged him to leave the street lifestyle.

“I told my son I’m not trying to identify your body. Here it is Wednesday, I’m identifying my son’s body. That’s a message right there,” the mother said.

She said she does not blame the police for her eldest son’s death.

“It’s not their fault. They were doing their jobs. They had to do what they had to do. My son pulled the gun on them. So that’s what happened. They had to do what they had to do to protect themselves,” Cyrida said.

She said her son thought he was “invincible,” that he couldn’t die.

“But look where you’re at now. You’re not even with me. You’re gone. You’re in a morgue, with a tag on your foot,” she said. “I can’t bring my son back.”

“I didn’t want it to end like this. I wanted to hear my son’s laugh… October 25th 2017 is when my son’s life was taken from him, because he was being real ignorant. And I’m sorry to say that. And I love my son. But there’s nothing I can do. I can’t bring him back,” Cyrida stayed calm, but determined, through the interview.

She had a message for all the other young people in their community.

“I cannot even describe how I feel, and what I seen last night of my son,” she said, referring to having to identify her son’s body at the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office.

“Please put these guns down. Take it from a mother that knows… It’s not worth losing your life running from the police, shooting at the police. You’ve got families…My son was a street person. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth your life. Trust me,” she said.

“You’re invincible to your friends – whoever carries guns – you’re invincible to your friends. You’re not invincible to the police. Because the police are trained to kill,” Cyrida said.

“And if you take your gun out, you’re going to get killed. Like my son,” she said.

Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots on Wednesday afternoon in the Glenville neighborhood.

Cleveland Police responded and were directed to the shooters by a neighbor, according to WOIO.

The suspects ran from police, but Antonio Levinson dropped a gun as he fled.

He pulled out a second gun and pointed it at police, and the officer opened fire, shooting him.

Cleveland City Councilman Jeff Johnson from Ward 10 visited the crime scene shortly after the incident occurred.

Johnson said the neighborhood was “one of the ground zeros in the city,” and that children were playing outside in the area at the time of the shooting.

“I need more police over here... I need to get more people involved in the restorations of the neighborhood,” he said.

Antonio Levinson was transported to University Hospitals where he was pronounced dead.

Police recovered two weapons at the scene of the shooting.

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Asidkisses and Poeticace....why do people like you, assume that because a person is unarmed, they are not a threat. A person without a a firearm is still able to injure or kill someone. Put yourself in the following scenario......a man has broken into your home while you are gone, he is there only to burglarize the place and have no intentions of harming anyone. He is unarmed. You arrive home while he is still inside the home, you ARE armed with a gun. You walk in on the person, see him and shout for him to stop what he's doing. Now, he has been caught, don't want to go to jail and are thinking what he can do to prevent it from happening. He wants to stop you from making that happen.....with no intentions of killing you, only hurting you long enough to get away, they charge at you, ignoring your command for them to stop. Meanwhile, this is a complete stranger to you, you have no way of reading their mind, or of knowing their history and have no background about the person. You fear the worse, because you see a violent man coming at you to do you harm. Are you going to do nothing, pull your weapon and in those precious seconds before he reaches you, think "I'll just shoot to maim him," or will you shoot to eliminate the violent intruder, who has broken into your home and is now coming at you.


Very well said. Condolences to Cyrida Levinson for her loss.


Poticace...Law Enforcement is NOT Trained to "maime" They are Trained TO STOP THE THREAT! This is NOT the movies either where you can shoot a hand to knock the gun out, lower calves to knock the perp to the ground! That Crap is Exactly that, Crap...Only Happens in a Movie, NOT Real Life! LE is Trained for Large Body Mass! And since You're such a critic & expert on "where police should shooter a criminal, pointing a gun at them" let me ask You...You're in pursuit of a person with Guns, who you know Have ALREADY FIRED The Weapon, Now Turns around & POINTS THE GUN AT YOU...IN A SPILT SECOND YOU CAN BE LAYING ON THE GROUND WITH A BULLET HOLE IN YOUR FACE, HEAD, NEVER WILL YOU GO HOME TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN, MOTHER, WIFE...WHAT IS YOUR FIRST REACTION?? Will YOU Stop & Think "Oh I Gotta make sure I ONLY maime this individual trying to KILL ME"?! Even if that was possible...would that be your first thought? Bc i got News for You, if so, You'll be DEAD BEFORE YOU FINISH YOUR THOUGHT!! Do Have Any Idea what it's like to chase a person with a gun, to PROTECT complete Strangers, Not Knowing if they're going to fire at you, if there's another person with a gun & so on? Really...You Need to get your facts straight! First the "unarmed black men" being gunned down in Cold Blood is Bull!! Bc YOU Feel that people committing crimes, putting the safety & lives of innocent people in that community at risk & the officers as well, should be allowed to do so REGARDLESS of the circumstances or facts or you yourself NOT knowing exactly what was going on prior, during ect, feel that Police Should Not Ever Shoot if it may result in Death!?! Check your stats, most cases involving police shooting, are Not so Cut & Dry as you are portraying. Charging police, punching them in the face, grabbing for their weapon, fighting ect. Find me OVERWHELMING police involved shootings were The Suspect is complying, were the person places their hands up when told, gets down flat w hands visible when told! Shit find me more than 5!! You can't, police do not go out & say I'm gonna a person based on their skin color! Wake up the people they are flying to the scene of to Protect, active shooter, rape, assault, robbery ect...Are 98% of the time the same color your claiming police kill for that reason! How often do you hear of "children killed by police" not counting the 12 yo that was pointing a BB gun which looks IDENTICAL to a Glock, at the police! And where's your outrage over these Criminals that are terrorizing the good, hardworking ppl of these neighborhoods, many times elders, that fear walking in the neighborhood they've lived in their entire life! Or the innocent black child Murdered by a stray bullet of a banger, or dealer!! I'm not condoning anyone of authority to abuse any person! But when you state that police are murdering ppl solely Bc of their skin color...A) you better know your facts, not some BS hyped up story that got the news good ratings on 10'clock news! B) you Beyter Damn sure have an Issue with Criminals Destroying your neighborhood, taking over street corners, buildings, make That Community unsafe! And Murdering Other Members of The Black Community! I know stories of beautiful INNOCENT Black Babies Not Even grade school age yet, Slaughtered in their own home Bc of some Lowlife Irrelevant Gang Bangers!!l Being on the wrong street or some dumb shit like that! And NOBODY IS OUTRAGED OVER THAT!! And That Pisses me off! And I'll tell you 100% I Do Not Know One Cop, That Wouldn't Give THEIR OWN LIFE, if they could save that baby, even though they have their own kids that they want to go home to, or any person, and officers who used themselves as shields in some recent high profile cases Dallas( they were actually there protesting against police, when a BLM supporter opened fire) and There are COUNTLESS Stories of Police Shielding those protesting them, with Nothing more than their own bodies!! Vegas the same, 9-11 Police did NOT stop only for certain race, They GAVE THEIR LIVES For People!!! San Bernardino...Where the Officer, Not Knowing someone is recording on their phone States "I'll Damn Sure take Bullet Before Yous Do"!!! Most of those ppl He was Comforting & telling straight out If there's a person here with a gun....I'm gonnna put Myself in front of it, Were Minorities!!! You can take ISOLATED incidents, not based on Facts, With the 10s of Millions of ppl in this country...And Call Police Racists, Murders to Defend The life of career criminal, who points a gun at a cop, But Keep One thing in mind that same criminal you're defending...Would Not Hesitate to Pull the Trigger on You, Your Kid, Your Mom, Wife!! And that goes for 99.9% of these Criminals your so quick to defend. And while not all cops are good, remember 99.9% are & Would Without a Doubt Risk Their Safety & Life for YOU...By the Very Criminals You Defend. You can do Everything thing you believe is right at the moment of dangerous situation & still end up w a negative outcome! You judge, yet have No Idea what an Officer goes Though when they are involved in these situations & knowing you took a life! Cops damn sure aren't in it for the Money or respect! I'm sick of this hypocritical BS, based on ignorance, race baiters, the media. Instead of the Facts, the Hard Core Facts & putting themselves in that situation & know exactly what it feels like when u don't have even a second to think, u go on instinct...That's Why Obeying the Law & Commands of an Officer would Reduce almost every incident!


Sorry for your lost mother Cyrida Levinson. I learn a lot from you. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I understand how hurtful you feel, you did good on your part as a mother.
You try to teach your son the good life to live, but follow or not is his choice. Again sorry for the lost of your son, my condolences to you and your family.