Driver's Car Seized After Showing Homer Simpson's License During Stop


A driver tried to pass himself off as Homer Simpson.

Milton Keynes, England – A Thames Valley police constable was presented with cartoon character Homer Simpson’s driver’s license during a traffic stop earlier this month, the department said.

When the police constable pulled over an unnamed male driver for a traffic infraction, she went about her regular routine of asking the man for his driver’s license, FOX News reported.

She was presented with a fake license, which bore an animated photo of the yellow Simpson patriarch as he made his famous “D’oh!” face, with his hand raised to his head.

The signature of “H. Simpson,” was even scribbled at the bottom.

Fans of "The Simpsons" took to social media to address the fact that the Homer imposter failed to record accurate address and date of birth information on the counterfeit license.

Simpson’s actual date of birth is May 12, 1965, The Guardian reported.

Others posted photos of licenses which belonged to other animated characters - including Simpson's son, Bart.

At least one Twitter user seemed to think Simpson deserved special treatment, due to his celebrity status.

The driver’s vehicle was seized, and he was cited for driving without insurance and without a proper license, according to the department’s Twitter post.

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this is just like the get out of jail monopoly card i have in my wallet