DEVELOPING: Chicago PD Mobilized - ATF Agent Shot In Face

An ATF agent was shot in the face during an operation with Chicago PD early Friday morning.

Chicago, IL – All Chicago Police Department units have been deployed to search for the man who shot a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agent in the head early Friday morning.

The ATF agent was assisting Chicago PD with a federal mission near West 45th Street and South Hermitage Avenue when shots rang out at around 3:15 a.m., WLS-TV reported.

Police requested a medical escort to transport the wounded agent to Stroger Hospital.

"We got shots fired by police. We have an ATF agent shot. He's the one going to the fire station right now," an officer said in the call, according to WLS.

Despite the officers’ initial plan to take the wounded agent to a firehouse, they changed up their plans and took him directly to the hospital in a silver SUV with tinted windows, WLS reported.

The agent was listed in critical condition but he is expected to survive.

Police blocked off the areas around West 44th Street and Hermitage and searched for the shooter or shooters that may be involved, according to WLS.

The police department requested assistance from the Chicago Fire Department's ladder in order to search nearby roofs. Meanwhile, officer checked parked cars and used K9 officers to comb the area for the person responsible for shooting the federal agent.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered the deployment of all specialized units to support the ATF's shooting investigation, WLS reported.

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