Detroit Police Chief Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Sandy Malone

Detroit Police Chief James Craig tested positive for coronavirus on Friday and has been put into quarantine at home.

Detroit, MI – Detroit Police Chief James Craig tested positive for coronavirus on Friday afternoon.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that the 63-year-old police chief would be entering quarantine on March 27, WXYZ reported.

Duggan said Chief Craig would not be attending meetings while he is sick, and announced that Detroit Police Assistant Chief James White would be taking over day-to-day operations while the chief recovered at home, WDIV reported.

"[Chief Craig] is very fit. He is very much in charge of running this department," Duggan said. "Certainly we want him to get rest, and fight this new challenge.”

The assistant chief reiterated that Chief Craig is in excellent physical shape, WXYZ reported.

The mayor told reporters that 39 Detroit police officers have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

He said an additional 468 officer have been placed under quarantine, WXYZ reported.

Three law enforcement employees have died in Wayne County in the past five days.

Detroit Police Department (DPD) Captain Jonathan “Recon” Parnell died on Tuesday after contracting COVID-19.

The 31-year veteran-of-the-force was the commanding officer of the DPD’s Homicide Unit at the time of his death, Chief Craig said during a press conference on Wednesday.

Capt. Parnell, 50, went to an area hospital after he began feeling sick, The Detroit News reported.

“He was off [work,] and he did visit the hospital, and at some point was released home," Chief Craig told reporters.

Capt. Parnell later died from the illness. It's not known if he had any preexisting medical conditions.

A 38-year-old DPD dispatcher died from the same illness on Monday after he returned from vacation and went to work sick.

When he returned to work on March 16, he wasn’t feeling well and ended up taking sick leave the following day, the mayor explained during a press conference on Tuesday.

The dispatcher worked one more shift on March 18 before he took another sick day on March 19.

He was admitted to intensive care for suspected bronchitis on Saturday, WJBK reported.

Duggan said that the dispatcher’s COVID-19 test result did not come back until hours after he passed away early Monday morning.

The dispatcher reportedly had no preexisting medical issues.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) Commander Donafay Collins died on Wednesday after contracting COVID-19.

The 63-year-old commander had been hospitalized for weeks prior to his death, according to The Detroit News.

Michigan had 3,657 positive coronavirus cases as of Friday afternoon, with 92 fatalities, according to Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker.

Of those, 1,810 were in Wayne County, where Detroit is located.

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Best wishes for the Cheif's speedy and full recovery.

[rant on]

I don't seem to recall news articles being posted about every important person who got the flu, and is just about as deadly as this one.

They are saying now that up to 80,000 Americans could die, even if social distancing is adhered to. I bet the real number could be well in excess, or well below that number.

Also, in 2017-2018 flu season, 61,000 Americans are estimated to have died. I don't recall people getting quarantined, even though that is kind of what we all tend to naturally do.

What is currently being reported as a dramatic increase in cases is really an artifact of the fact that so many tests are being taken now. We will probably see a decrease in cases after the initial surge in testing I bet, and it will also be an artifact.

According to Trump, we have tested more people in eight days than S. Korea tested in eight weeks.

I am guessing that US is dramatically over-reacting. I also suspect that a lot of people have already had this virus back in January/February before we went bezerk.

Trump fell for it, but he is coming to his senses, I think.

[rant off]

I could be wrong.


This is a pretty good dude and I'm sorry it had to happen to him. However, I hope he will make a speedy recovery and be back on the job soon! He is the man who stood up to that asshat rashida talib