Deputy In Critical Condition, Shot While Helping Feds Take Down Fugitive

Sandy Malone

Scott County Deputy Jamie Morales has been identified as the deputy shot by a wanted fugitive at a rest stop on Tuesday.

Georgetown, KY A Scott County sheriffs deputy was critically wounded during a shootout with a fugitive in a rest area on Interstate 75 on Tuesday night.

Scott County Sheriffs Deputy Jamie Morales, 28, was assisting federal agents in the apprehension of a wanted man at about 10 p.m. on Sept. 11 at a rest stop on Interstate 75 when a gunfight broke out, WKYT reported.

Scott County deputies and Georgetown police officers were assisting the U.S. Marshals in a search for a serial bank robber who was wanted out of Sarasota, Florida, when deputies spotted the fugitive, 57-year-old Edward Reynolds, according to WLKY.

The Scott County Georgetown Special Response Team attempted to make contact with Reynolds, and then confront him, WKYT reported.

Thats when Reynold opened fire, and Deputy Morales was wounded. He was shot one time.

Special Response Team members returned fire and Reynolds was fatally shot. The Scott County coroner pronounced him dead at the scene of the incident, WKYT reported.

Deputy Morales was transported to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, where he remains in critical condition, the News-Graphic reported.

He underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday night and was taken back into the operating room late on Wednesday morning.

Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton held an emotional press conference on Wednesday afternoon, during which he was obviously holding back tears on several occasions.

The sheriff said that Deputy Morales had been taken into surgery for a second time about two hours before he met with reporters.

I have deputies posted at the hospital with the family. Ive been there and Im going back, he said, an struggled to hold back tears

Sheriff Hampton said Deputy Morales was a two-and-a-half-year veteran of the sheriffs department, and he was well-liked by his peers and the community. The sheriff said the deputy was a U.S. Marine, and was bilingual.

Hes been an outstanding deputy he carries a lot of qualifications that you want to see in a deputy sheriff, he said.

The sheriff said he didnt know where exactly Deputy Morales had been shot, but said it was somewhere in his back region. He also said the deputy was wearing his ballistic vest when he was shot.

He said it was the first shooting of a deputy in his own 24-year career with the Scott County Sheriffs Office.

I think what you can take away from this is that law enforcement in general is a dangerous career, it doesnt matter how big or how small the community youre in, Sheriff Hampton told the assembled reporters.

Were in the fastest growing county in the state Scott County has been for the past four or five years we have two major interstates that run through here so the potential for anything to come through as you see last night did, he said.

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Praying for this officer...another in a too long line of officers killed and wounded while serving their communities.


THANK GOD the bad dude is DRT>>> I hate it when a LEO is shot and hurt badly.. However, just as long at the slime ball that shot him is DEAD... That makes my heart feel just a little bit better.. DIRT NAP for this prick a very long DIRT NAP...


May God watch over Jamie Morales...may He heal Deputy Morales of his physical injuries, as well as allowing him grace for the mental anguish he certainly will go through. I BACK OUR MEN IN BLUE....and EVEN IN THE BROWN SUCH AS YOU!!!


Praying for this officers quick recovery!!! Jumping for joy this POS who shot him is dead!!!


Praying for Deputy Morales and his family. May God watch over him and send him a speedy recovery so that he can go home to his family.


I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery for this fine young officer..