Dep. Mayor Arrested For Assaulting Officer After Trying To Avoid Divorce Papers

Haddonfield Deputy Mayor Jeffrey Sasko was arrested on a litany of offenses on Wednesday.

Haddonfield, NJ – A deputy mayor in New Jersey slammed into a process server’s vehicle and struck a police officer with the mirror of his car in an attempt to avoid being served with divorce papers on Wednesday, police said.

The incident began just before 8:30 a.m., when a process server arrived at Haddonfield Deputy Mayor Jeffrey Kasko’s home to deliver divorce papers, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In an attempt to avoid being served, Kasko “recklessly drove in reverse of his driveway and crashed” into the process server’s 2013 BMW 328, which was partially blocking his driveway, the Courier Post reported.

The crash caused over $2,000 in damages to the BMW.

Kasko, 54, didn’t bother to stop, and instead sped off in his Volkswagen Passat, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The process server called the police to report the crash, and Haddonfield Police Officer Joni Frangieh responded to the scene.

While he was investigating the hit-and-run collision, Kasko came back to the residence, blaring his horn.

Officer Frangieh said he tried to get the irate deputy mayor to stop, but that he continued to drive towards him up the driveway, striking the officer in the hip with one of the Volkswagen's side mirrors.

The second collision left Officer Frangieh, a six-month veteran of the department, with minor injuries, Haddonfield Police Chief Jason Cutler told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After allegedly striking the officer with his vehicle, Kasko berated him and accused him of failing to act professionally, Officer Frangieh said.

Kasko further declared that he left the scene of the initial crash because he had to run some errands.

When the rookie officer called for backup, Kasko demanded that Chief Cutler respond to the scene.

“It obviously put the Haddonfield Police Department in an awkward position,” Chief Cutler told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "My officers handled themselves as they would treat any other resident. "

Kasko was arrested on a litany of charges, including assault with a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, aggravated assault on a police officer, failure to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, and other traffic offenses.

He was released from the Camden County Jail on Thursday, and is due to appear in Haddonfield Municipal Court on Tuesday.

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Naw...if he's a Dem they'll sweet everything under the rug but if he's a out.


Republican or Democrat, he can kiss his career goodbye. He could have killed someone. And for what? Divorce papers? Not worth it in my book. Kudos to the rookie!


He definitely risked a very serious situation in many jurisdictions. I don’t really care what party he represents. He’s in dire need of anger management and his political career had better be over. But then again, we’re talking Jersey here.


What an idiot....guess we see why his wife filed for a divorce...this is probably just a portion of the shit she had to deal with!!!!

Old Hawg
Old Hawg

Believe it or not, according to the newspaper report this asshat is a Republican. Not only that, but they reported his occupation as "public relations executive"! He should read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" for a few helpful tips.

That was a tough spot for even a seasoned officer to be in, much less a rookie cop. If events transpired as reported here, the charges are appropriate and it did my heart good to see that the asshat spent at least one night in the calaboose.