Dallas Officer Amber Guyger Arrested For Shooting Botham Jean In His Apartment

Officer Amber Guyger has been arrested for fatally shooting Botham Jean.

Dallas, Texas - 30-year-old Officer Amber Guyger was arrested Sunday night for the shooting death of 26-year-old Botham Jean.

Guyger was booked on charges of manslaughter. Shortly after being booked, she posted $300,000 bond and was released.

Jean was fatally shot in his own apartment Sept. 6 by Guyger, and the shooting is inexplicably being pushed as a racial issue and a police brutality issue; it's neither.

The Washington Post is claiming that the shooting is renewing calls for policing reform, and that the off-duty officer may have shot Jean because he's black.

Just after 10 p.m. on Sept. 6, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger got off duty and returned home to her apartment in the Southside Flats apartment complex, in the 1200-block of South Lamar, after working a full shift, KTVT reported.

Shortly thereafter, she fatally shot Jean at his apartment.

A Dallas police officer told KXAS-TV that Guyger had just finished spending 14 hours serving warrants in high crime areas when she took the apartment elevator to the wrong floor, while still in uniform.

Guyger then went to what she thought was her apartment, one level above her actual apartment, and tried to unlock the door. While she was trying to get her key to work, Jean allegedly answered the door in his underwear and Guyger fatally shot him.

She then allegedly realized her mistake, immediately called for help, and openly admitted what happened.

From the limited information that has been released, a few things are already apparent.

  • No information has been released to suggest that there could have, in any way, been racial bias involved in the shooting.
  • The officer was off-duty and not acting in a law enforcement capacity.
  • Multiple sources have confirmed that the two did not know each other, and any claims otherwise have been disproven.

No information has been released about Guyger's expected court date.

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The case will be moved to a neighboring county outside of where the crime took place. It took place in Dallas county, which is predominately black, and they're moving it to a neighboring country that is majority white.

"Fair trial."


seriously, if she was not a cop, would this even be an issue. it was an accident, nothing more. She believed she was defending herself and her property, which everyone has the right to do. they're just caving under political pressure and using her as a scapegoat, as most of the LEOs are having done to them nowadays. Poor thing. I hope she's acquitted and can move on with her life somewhere else as she should be. what about the times that LEOs have broken into the wrong home and have shot and killed the homeowner under the impression they were doing the right thing. None of them were charged. It's no different for her


A 14 hour shift in a high crime area can wear you out and make you edgy.

Bad Bob
Bad Bob

The black female Chief of Police said the cop was white. She doesn't look "white" to me. Not even "white Hispanic," as some people described George Zimmerman. She does look like an affirmative action hire to me.


Once I worked a 16 hour day, heavy storms had rolled through our area with all the problems that come during and after such storm. There is a hotel near our building, so after our shifts, bunch of us went there for the night and went home next day, others called their spouses to come and pick them up. I called home and told my family I was ok and staying at the hotel. Next morning I drove home and crashed until my son got home from school little after 3. If you are that tired stay at the station in a bunk room, hotel or have someone pick you up...it's not worth something happening. As for those here who are stirring the pot...theres is no change of venue, no race issues involved or anything else. The only point you prove here is the fact there is no way you could have been LE, otherwise you would see the story as it is and understand the facts.