Dallas Antifa Turn On Comrades, Claim They Collaborated With Cops At ICE Protest

Two groups of ICE protesters are at war on social media over a poorly executed protest on Saturday.

Dallas, TX – A group of Antifa protesters has accused the North Texas Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) of collaborating with law enforcement, and abandoning the protest when police showed up to make arrests in front of a Dallas U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office on Saturday.

The Democratic Socialists of America are a firmly anti-police organization.

Still, Antifa DFW went after the socialist group on Twitter, and accused the group of leaving them high and dry when police arrived.

Both groups had planned to protest President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

“@ DSA_NorthTexas leadership decided to collab with the pigs and pulled their people from the demo leaving undocumented peeps and everyone else at risk of arrest,” Antifa DFW posted on Monday, tagging the other organization.

“After speaking with DSA leadership the pigs moved in moments after DSA leaving. Not all DSA peeps followed their leadership & stayed. Some were even arrested. When Jail Support reached out to collab they were were met with silence. They offered no support to their arrested members,” Antifa DFW wrote in a second tweet.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon on June 30, when a group of about 80 Antifa and DSA protesters began blocking traffic on the service road to Interstate 35, KXAS reported.

Initially, police blocked off one lane for the protesters, who had plenty of room to protest on the sidewalk. But then the protesters spread out into a second and third lane of traffic and blocked the entire southbound service road, according to KXAS.

Officers blocked off the entire service road and tried to clear the roadway, but police said protesters ignored repeated requests to clear out of the street.

A police supervisor told KXAS that five protesters had been arrested during the incident. One of the protesters struck a police officer in the nose during the arrest.

All five protesters were charged with blocking a passageway, and one was also charged with assault on a police officer, KXAS reported.

Organizers of the simultaneous pro-immigration march downtown were quick to disavow responsibility for the melee that resulted in at least five arrests, and blamed an “independent group” with whom they had no connection.

But those who were present were still arguing about it on social media on Monday.

“Apparently moving away from an increasingly unstable situation to protect the undocumented among us is ‘collab with the pigs,’” a Twitter user named ComradeScruff posted on June 2.

“No, but your orgs exit coincided with an increase of police repression & arrests after your leadership was seen engaging with both DHS and DPD. Undocumented people were still amongst the people at risk and your orgs failure to support arrestees def fits collaboration,” Antifa DFW shot back, in an attempt to shame the other group.

No information was available as to whether the groups had been able to work something out for collaboration on future protests, because one of the key decision-makers refused to come out of his safe space for the meeting.

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The only reason I read this article was bc the title seemed to imply that antifa thugs turned on their own colleagues and antifa collaborated with the cops (needed another noun to go with pronoun "they"). That's the ONLY way I'd care in this situation. Unfortunately that was not the case and I'm failing to see the point in a story about two whiny groups of protestors (one who doesn't even have the courage to show their faces and comes masked) fighting amongst themselves.


Wonder if they'd like some limburger cheese to go along with all the whining ?? LOL !


Peeps and Pigs? Is this the '60s?

Dr Shoe
Dr Shoe

I liked the "Aunt Tifas" better when they were just a bunch of Nerds sitting in their parents' basements playing Dungeons & Dragons!

Blue Ocean1
Blue Ocean1

They STILL ARE in the basement playing D&D..