Credit Card Processing Company Reverses Sales With Gun-Related Companies

Credit service company says gun sales have to be face-to-face for the charge to be approved

Mountain View, CA – The credit service company Intuit has stopped processing credit card payments on gun-related sales, the New York Post reported, and they have even reversed transactions.

Some of the stopped payments didn’t involve firearms but items such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and safety classes, according to small business owners interviewed by The New York Post.

Many businesses have to had to track down customers to get them to pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases, a business owner told the New York Post.

However, Intuit said it hasn’t stopped processing payments for gun sales, according to

Intuit Spokeswoman Heather Mclelland told that the company’s policy isn’t new and it has not changed.

“Our company does NOT prohibit ANY of these regulated industries — including the firearms industry — from using QuickBooks for payment processing,” Mclelland said, according to “In fact, many do so today. However, for these transactions our bank partner requires them to be done face-to-face. To meet this requirement, our policy today requires the customer to be present to swipe their credit card.”

Arizona’s Gunsite Academy told the New York Post it had problems with Intuit. Ken Campbell, the chief operating officer of Gunsite Academy, said that Intuit told him that it mistakenly thought the firearm sales were being made direetly to the customers.

Campbell told Intuit the guns were shipped to a local dealer with a federal firearms license who ran the required background checks.

Gunsite Academy also had issues with QuickBooks, which is produced by Intuit.

The Daily Caller reported that in May Quickbooks unexpectedly cut ties with Gunsite Academy. Quickbooks said that the guns and knives for sale on Gunsites’ website violated its face-to-face requirement.

Quickbooks credited back the sales to customers’ accounts, even after the merchandise was shipped.


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