Cops Hospitalized After Exposure To Unknown Substance At Strip Club

Two officers, one EMS worker and three civilians were taken to the hospital early Friday morning.

Brooklyn, IL – Two law enforcement officers and an EMS worker were hospitalized early Friday morning after they responded to a report of multiple overdoses at a nightclub.

Officers and emergency medical personnel arrived at Roxy’s Exotic Club just before 3 a.m. and administered Narcan to at least one of the individuals who overdosed, KMOV reported.

EMS workers transported two patrons and one nightclub employee to the hospital, according to the Belleville News-Democrat.

Investigators said that, as they assisted individuals inside the club, two law enforcement officers and one EMS worker made contact with an unknown substance, KMOV reported.

On Friday, that substance was identified as fentanyl, Illinois State Police Captain Timothy Tyler told KTVI.

Washington Park Fire Department officials said that an officer was transported to the hospital by a fellow officer, according to KMOV.

Later in the morning, officials said that a Brooklyn police officer and an EMS worker had also been transported for possible exposure.

"We had multiple pedestrians go down, they couldn't breathe," Brooklyn Police Lieutenant Antonio White told the Bellville News-Democrat. "One of them was given CPR and after receiving CPR one of the officers went down as well. He was rushed to the hospital, there was a second officer on scene and he got rushed to the hospital."

At approximately 4 a.m., Brooklyn and Madison fire units were dispatched to the nightclub to help handle the possible hazmat situation.

The Illinois State Police Drug Unit also arrived and collected the substance for further testing.

Five of the six individuals rushed to the hospital for exposure to the drug have since been released from the hospital.

The male patron who remained hospitalized was listed in serious condition.

It was unknown how many people were inside the club when the incident occurred. First responders immediately evacuated the building.

Roxy’s Exotic Club has been placed under quarantine and was expected to remained closed over the weekend.

No arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation as of Friday morning, KTVI reported.

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The police will need to start wearing hazmat suits to these calls.


It would be great if the government did more to protect people from opioid abuse. I don't understand why Midwest jails aren't packed to the brim with abusers, because that area is awash in fentanyl.


I'm not sure what more the government can do to protect people from themselves. Putting more drug abusers in jail hasn't worked to solve drug problems over the last 50 years...there's no reason to think that'll start working now. The war on drugs failed long ago.

Maybe you should treat the drug abusers with the same regard you treat the baby boomers that you despise so much when you say, "Boomers are cancer and this country will be better after you either die of old age or we continue to make you completely obsolete."

I suppose you also include the "Silent Generation" and the "Greatest Generation" in your cancers remark so when we all die...that would get rid of more than 31% of the population for you and you would finally be happy.


personally I am not in fave of our socalled "war on drugs" policy it has done little but incarcerate low level dealers and hundreds of thousands of users while having almost no impact on importers and high level dealers and the money men behind them