Cops Eating After Sgt. Gannon's Funeral Get Surprise With Receipt

An group of grieving police officers dinner got a surprise on their dinner receipt after Sgt. Sean Gannon's funeral.

Chelsea, MA – An anonymous woman quietly expressed her gratitude for the sacrifices of law enforcement on Tuesday, when she covered the cost of a meal for a group of Chelsea police officers.

The officers had spent the day making a 75-mile journey to attend the memorial service for slain Yarmouth Police Sergeant Sean Gannon, who was killed in the line of duty on Apr. 12, WFXT reported.

The group stopped at Mamma Mia’s of Plymouth Waterfront on their way back from the service, where they shared an “amazing” meal, according to a Facebook post made by one of the officers.

When they went to pay their bill, they were met with an anonymous act of kindness.

“When we went to pay the check we were presented with a bill marked PAID and a note saying, ‘Thanks, my brother is a detective in Miami,’” the officer explained.

“I do not know who you are but I hope that someone shares this Post with you so that you know how important your kindness was to all of us,” he told the woman in the post. “What an amazing gesture of gratitude, respect and kindness. God Bless You.”

The officer also praised the Mamma Mia’s staff for going “out of their way to make us feel appreciated.”

Thousands attended Sgt. Gannon’s memorial service in Yarmouth on Tuesday, FOX News reported.

“Women, children, men and boys – every one of them was quiet, respectful,” Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson said, according to FOX News. “The first time I think I could I think hear a pin drop and you could hear it on Route 28.”

Sgt. Gannon – who was promoted to the sergeant’s rank posthumously – was fatally shot in the head as he and other officers attempted to serve a warrant at a residence.

Prosecutors have charged 29-year-old Thomas Latanowich, a “career criminal” with over 111 offenses on his record, with Sgt. Gannon’s murder, the Somerville Patch reported.

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It warms my heart to know in today's totally disrespectful world that some people do still care deeply about Law Enforcement Officers!!


God Bless all Emergency responders & the dogs who serve with our PO’s, everywhere. Nero is recovering well, thankfully. I’m sure he too, feels the loss. But does not understand the ‘what/why’ behind it. :/


whoever you are, thank you........... It's a good feeling to do something on the QT...


Very very sad on death of Sgt. Gannon. It is breaking my heart to hear of each law enforcement officer that is killed! Prayer to family and friends!