Cop Wakes Up To Find His Home Vandalized

Splendora Independent School District Police Officer Sean Allison has been with the department for just seven months.

Splendora, TX – A Texas police chief has offered to pay a reward out of his own pocket to anyone with information leading to the arrest of those responsible for having spray-painted a police officer’s front door with hate speech.

Splendora Independent School District Police Department (SISDPD) Officer Sean Allison awoke Sunday morning to find that someone had tagged his front door with a Swastika symbol and the word “pig,” SISD Police Chief Rex Evans said in a Facebook post.

“With a lot of sadness, a bit of anger and a lot of frustration, I feel compelled to speak about what has happened this morning,” Chief Evans said in the post, which also featured a photo of the vandalism.

Chief Evans described Officer Allison as an “outstanding young man…who loves his job.”

“He loves our kids and, he would give his life in a moment, if needed, for any child or teacher in this District,” the chief added.

Waking up to the offensive messages on the door of his home was “extremely disheartening for him,” Chief Evans wrote. “For all of us, in fact.”

But despite having been unjustifiably targeted, Officer Allison simply told the chief that he planned to continue focusing on his mission to protect and serve.

“Oh well. It happens,” he said, according to Chief Evans. “I’ll be there Monday morning, Chief. I’m not about to not be there for the kids…”

Chief Evans noted that all officers have to remember that they are a target for cop-haters.

“The only word people see on you and the car is ‘Police,’” he said. “And, for that reason alone, they’ll kill you just as fast as they would any other kind of cop around.”

Chief Evans defended his department, and praised them for always putting the community before themselves.

“I demand this kind of character in each person I hire,” he wrote.

Chief Evans said he is “personally offering a significant reward” for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for victimizing Officer Allison.

“Please understand, it’s not revenge…I am asking for here. It’s a reckoning. To make right, that which is so wrong,” he added. “[Officer Allison] is good people. He absolutely does not and did not deserve this.”

Under Texas’ Police Protection Act, the vandals could be charged with a hate crime in addition to the vandalism charge, KHOU reported.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is handling the ongoing investigation into the incident.

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If the crime is targeting an identifiable group, it's a hate crime.


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