Cop May Never Walk Again After Tasering Man Who Pulls Out Gun, Shoots 6 Him Times

Doctors are working to help a Texas deputy constable to walk again after he was repeatedly shot while responding to a domestic disturbance.

Houston, TX – Doctors are trying to determine whether or not a Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable will be able to walk again after he was shot multiple times.

Deputy Constable Justin Gay was taken to the hospital by Life Flight on Sunday night after he responded to a domestic disturbance call, authorities told KHOU.

The suspect, Constantine Argyrion, 38, ran into a field when Deputy Gay arrived at Argyrion’s mother’s home at about 6 pm.

Authorities said that Deputy Constable Gay tasered Argyrion, who then “pulled out a gun, shot the officer multiple times, then fled the scene,” KHOU reported.

A fur missile was launched who tracked Argyrion and held him until backup officers took him into custody.

Deputy Gay sustained six gunshots to his lower body.

Deputy Gay is expected to survive, but medical personnel have not determined whether or not he will be able to walk again.

“The emotions and outpour has just been tremendous,” Constable Mark Herman told KHOU. “We appreciate everything. The good news is our deputy is going to survive and make this. To what degree, we don’t know yet."

Constable Herman was with Deputy Gay and his family on Saturday night.

“I got to get in and see him, and he was in good spirits as we prayed together ... and there were probably 20 to 30 other deputies in there as well, with more on the way,” Constable Herman told KPRC.

Authorities have not yet recovered Argyrion's weapon, and said they do not know why he shot Deputy Gay.

Argyrion received medical treatment for the wounds he sustained during his altercation with the K-9 officer.

He was charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer, KPRC reported.

This is why some policemen use a gun.

I think more Officers are hurt or killed at domestic violence calls than any other one. This is why there should be more than one Officer at every one. I can't understand why all these Departments send out Officers with no back up- are they all small towns that don't have the resources? With all that is going on right now is it too much to ask Officers double up especially after dark?

Jkos - too many departments face manpower shortages. I worked in a department where we went to calls alone 50% of the time, especially at night. Backup was always 20 minutes away. You just do the best you can.
Praying for this officer and his family. The Blue Line is in danger these days. Too many people are becoming very violent.

BobS, you're so right on everything you said.

Get rid of tazers... Officers need to use their guns. I am glad the Officer survived. I hope he has a full recovery. I hate that he wasn't able to take the Thug out of existence.