Cop Killer Sentenced To Death, Gets Immediately Overturned To Life

Marco Padilla Jr. was only sentenced to death for a few moments before it got overturned.

Pinellas County, FL - A jury read their verdict on Friday, and said that convicted cop-killer Marco Parilla Jr. should be executed for murdering Tarpon Springs Police Officer Charles Kondek in 2014.

After further instructions from the judge, the jury changed the sentence to life in prison, according to WFTS.

Officer Kondek was murdered by Parilla Dec. 14, 2014, after the officer responded to a noise complaint, according to Tampa Bay Times.

Parilla was at Glen's Eureka Apartments banging on doors, trying to find a former roommate who he believed had told the police about his drug use.

When Officer Kondek arrived, Parilla used a stolen Glock .40 caliber pistol to fatally shoot the 17-year veteran.

Officer Kondek is survived by a wife and five children.

In October, Parilla pleaded guilty to murdering the officer in order to avoid a trial. At his sentencing hearing, Parilla's attorney blamed his mother for a bad upbringing.

“She was a bad mom. She hit him. She beat him. She hit him with belts,” the defense attorney said, according to WFTS.

On Friday, the jury announced their decision that Parilla should be sentenced to death. The judge then noticed some numbers scribbled on the jury's forms.

The judge sent the jury back, and told them to confirm that all 12 jurors agreed on the death penalty. Under a new Florida law, the death penalty must be a unanimous decision among all of the jurors.

When the jury re-emerged, it was determined that only 10 of 12 jurors wanted the death penalty.

Parilla was then sentenced to life in prison.

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No. 1-10

Waist of tax payers dollars feeding him and housing his sorry Ass


Cop killers should be executed PERIOD


The killing of a police officer, while on duty, should carry a mandatory death sentence. Also there should be a limited appeal process, to present all appeals(not piece meal it, to drag out the process), not to exceed two years. I agree with Crete Gary, if the perp pleaded guilty, to avoid a trial, then he should have been sentenced, by the judge, who heard his plea(elocution). There should be no need to convene a jury, for the penalty phase.


This is such bull crap!! No jury needed!! If you shoot and kill an LEO that is an automatic death sentence!! Actually if you kill someone in the commission of your crime, you should get the death penalty. And none of this 15-20 years worth of appeals!! You get 1 month to see loved ones and get all your affairs in order. It cost between $30,000 - $70,000 a year per inmate. You've got senior citizens and the disabled trying to live on $15,000 - $20,000 a year. And they still have to pay out of pocket for medical. Inmates get cancer treatment, heart surgery, eyeglasses, dental care, whatever they need. But you've got law abiding citizens who have to decide between food or medicine. Smdh!!!


Well at least we all know he won’t spend the rest of his life in prison. After a few years he will be pardoned or paroled.
Killing a Police Officer should be a Federal crime with mandatory execution!