Cop Arrested For Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Husband And Her Boyfriend's Daughter

Tom Gantert

NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli was arrested after an FBI sting operation revealed her murder-for-hire plot.

Islip, NY – An officer with the New York Police Department (NYPD) is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband and her current boyfriend’s teen daughter.

NYPD Officer Valerie Cincinelli, who was the 106th Precinct’s “Officer of the Month” in June of 2017, has been on modified duty since later that year when a “sugar daddy” she broke off an extra-marital affair with tattled to the police department that she had been goofing off on duty, according to the New York Post.

The ex-paramour, whom the officer had met on the job, told NYPD’s Internal Affairs Division that Officer Cincinelli had been spending time at his Howard Beach home when she was supposed to be working.

As a result of those allegations, the officer was stripped of her badge and gun and place on modified duty, the New York Post reported.

Court records showed that Officer Cincinelli’s husband - Isaiah Carvalho Jr. - sued her for divorce in Nassau County in 2018.

There was a trial date set for June, according to the New York Post.

On Friday, Officer Cincinelli was arrested after she allegedly tried to have her current boyfriend hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband and a juvenile female.

Sources told WNBC the child on her hit list was her current boyfriend’s 14-year-old daughter.

Prosecutors said that murder-for-hire plot began as far back as February, when cell phone records confirmed that the officer and her boyfriend exchanged text messages to confirm the details of the hit, WNBC reported.

The complaint said that on or about May 8, Officer Cincinelli told her boyfriend "to have the hitman kill Jane Doe over the weekend and then wait a week or a month to kill John Doe."

But instead, the boyfriend went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and told them about her nefarious scheme.

Then he recorded conversations with Officer Cincinelli about setting up plans to kill her estranged husband.

The New York Post cited an anonymous source that said Officer Cincinelli was recorded asking her boyfriend, "Did you do it yet?"

Prosecutors said the officer gave her boyfriend $7,000 in gold coins to pay a hitman.

Suffolk County Police notified Officer Cincinelli in person at about 10:10 a.m. on May 17 that her estranged husband had been murdered, WNBC reported.

Her boyfriend was with her and wearing a recording device when the officer got the news, according to a detention memo filed by prosecutors.

After the Suffolk County police detective left, Officer Cincinelli discussed her alibi with her boyfriend, again.

Then at 10:48 a.m., an FBI agent posing as the hitman sent the boyfriend a text message with a picture of the crime scene that showed Officer Cincinelli’s husband dead, WNBC reported.

The hitman also demanded an additional $3,000 to kill the boyfriend’s 14-year-old daughter.

The prosecutor’s detention memo said that Officer Cincinelli told her boyfriend at that point to delete all the text messages and photographs so they couldn’t be subpoenaed later, WNBC reported.

Shortly thereafter, Suffolk County PD, FBI agents, and NYPD Internal Affairs officers who had participated in the sting took Officer Cincinelli into custody.

“The evidence in this case is overwhelming,” Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said in legal documents, according to the New York Post.

During the pre-trial hearing after she was arrested, Magistrate Judge Anne Y. Shields granted a prosecution request to have the officer unlock her own cell phone using facial recognition, NBC News reported.

Prosecutors have alleged that Officer Cincinelli planned most of her crimes using that phone.

However, prosecutors held the phone up to the officer’s face twice at the hearing and it failed to unlock, NBC News reported.

She was ordered held without bond.

Officer Cincinelli has been a member of the police force since 2007.

She has been working with a unit called VIPER that monitors security cameras since she was placed on modified duty more than a year ago, WNBC reported.

Cincinelli’s father told the New York Post that the allegations against his daughter were “bulls--t.”

"I haven't seen anything, and until I do I really shouldn't be saying anything," Lou Cincinelli told WNBC. "But I guarantee you my daughter is innocent of this."

“They were married, they have a kid together and then they got divorced. There is no way on the planet my daughter would have someone try to murder him. That’s nonsense,” he said.

Lou Cincinelli told the New York Post his daughter “was going out with some wacko who made an allegation against her before that she tried to kill him. This jack--s made allegations about her and I’m sure he’s behind this.”

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It would appear that there is a mountain of evidence against her. There's no room in this honorable profession for dishonorable people.


This is crazy. To go as far as to have someone killed is just nuts.


Didn’t I see this on TV once?


Why the teen daughter?


Wait, an Officer used TEXT to send this kind of message? AND wanted to have her boyfriend's daughter killed too?? WOW, she's a keeper,,,right. Put her away for 40 yrs minimum then make sure every man in the state,,,better yet the United States, knows her face and name. This one is NOT to be trusted with ANYTHING. EVER


@CrimeDoc At least once a week 😅


And she was a cop at NYPD? Didn't think any cop could be that dumb!


What a stupid ass biatch!! I hope they lock you up for a long time!! And if they do have all this evidence, sorry daddy but your daughter is a piece of shit!!


So I guess a reconciliation is off the table?


Isn't this a misdemeanor in NY? Bet she won't get any serious time. Now out of state cop gets caught with a hi cap magazine they want to give you life plus 50.