Convicted Rapist Continues Using Phone With Facebook To Terrorize Victim From Prison

Prosecutors believe Christopher Wood has set up fake Facebook accounts, using a contraband cell phone inside the prison.

Jefferson County, FL – A convicted rapist, behind bars for 10 years, has continued to terrorize his victim from his prison cell.

Prosecutors believe that Christopher Wood has been sending harassing messages his victim, through fake social media accounts.

The victim called prosecutors to report receiving Facebook messages, some of which were sent by cell phone, according to WFTV.

Prosecutors sent a letter to the Florida Department of Corrections in an effort to find proof that Wood is behind the fake social media accounts and the continued harassment and terrorizing of the victim.

The Florida DOC responded to the prosecutors' letter in October, eight months after it was sent.

In a statement that was emailed to WFTV, Florida DOC said that Wood doesn't have a cellphone.

Brevard County's prosecutor Julia Lynch told Florida DOC that she wanted to make sure Wood and other inmates didn't have a cell phone.

The most compelling evidence that Wood had a cell phone in prison came in the form of a phone call from his aunt.

A list of recorded phone calls was included with the letter, and in that phone call, Wood's aunt asked him why he suddenly started making collect calls.

“You lose your phone?” Wood’s aunt asked him.

“No I’m (expletive). They moved me to a different dorm. Things set up a little differently down here,” he replied, in the recording shared by WFTV.

Wood has served 10 years of his 52-year sentence for rape and kidnapping at the Jefferson Correctional Institute. Inmates are not allowed cell phones but they are a popular form of contraband.

Wood has also filed frivolous court motions that prosecutors believe are designed to continue terrorizing his victim.

The latest court motion filed by Wood claimed that he had new evidence in the case, in the form of a witness that hadn't been interviewed.

Prosecutors are required by law to investigate Wood's motions, and found that this motion was just like all the rest he had filed - completely fabricated.

“We were able to contact her. And we realized this was something made up once again,” Lynch said.

Their research uncovered a bigger problem - the availability of cell phones within prison.

"I'm amazed that he's able to have a cellphone," said Assistant State Attorney Samantha Jarrett.

She said that the victim and her daughters have been receiving messages from a fake account in the name of "Lilly Smith.”

The profile photo associated with that account shows a news reporter from the west coast.

Another Facebook account uses the name of "Chris Moore," but the profile photo is of a Wisconsin Congressman, who knew absolutely nothing about his photo being used for a fake Facebook account.

Lynch said that Wood's actions show that "the public is at risk."

Brevard County prosecutors have admitted that they're frustrated because they don't have jurisdiction in these crimes.

DOC officials have searched Wood, and have not found a cell phone in his possession.

Do they no longer have solitary confinement in prisons or strip search’s??? Did they do away with them because they were hurting the feelings of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. ???? WTF is wrong in this country???

MSK, inmates don't hide contrabandon their bodies. They "buy" what they need from inmates who have the things hidden all over. The laundry, in the walls behind outlets, in the plumbing, ceiling tiles, tapped under tables, in library books, and a million other places. It's damn near impossible to catch an innate with something actually in their possession. I worked as a guard at a halfway house and I can tell you, they come up with some amazing shit to keep their stuff hidden.


There is an option available but unfortunately the courts frown on it now days

Terrible to think but this victim and her daughter are the ones BEING held in prison. How about pinging the cell towers to find phones daily?

It doesn't work that way. You would need to know the number and carrier of the cell phone(s) you are trying to ping, have a legally valid reason to ping them to give to the cell phone carrier(s) so they can carry out the ping, and even THEN the ping return only gives you a radius of where the cell phone is located -- NOT an exact location. You're really lucky if it's a radius within a matter of 50 feet or less, because most pings come back with a radius much larger than that, often inside a matter of MANY miles. It just wouldn't be feasible to search inmates for contraband cellphones in this way. It will never tell you precisely down to an inch or even a foot where a cell phone is located. Not yet, anyway.