Company Will Reward Those Blocked From Posting Cop-Killer's Immigration Status

Warrior 12 is fighting back against social media censorship.

St. Louis, MO - The owner of patriotic apparel company, Warrior 12, has declared that he will give free $10 gift cards to anybody who has been blocked by Facebook for posting about a cop killer's immigration status.

Disclosure: Warrior 12 sells all official Blue Lives Matter gear and the proceeds help fund Blue Lives Matter's operating costs.

"Facebook is claiming that an objective fact is hate speech, and that's wrong. It's un-American," owner Joseph Murphy told Blue Lives Matter.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, fatally shot Cpl. Singh during a predawn traffic stop on Wednesday, leading to a massive multiagency manhunt. He was captured Friday morning.

Arriaga is an illegal immigrant, has self-promoted his status as a member of the Sureno street gang, and has two prior drunk driving convictions in Madera County, Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said.

"This suspect, unlike Ron – who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally to pursue his lifelong career of public safety, public service and being a police officer – this suspect is in our country illegally. He doesn't belong here. He's a criminal," Sheriff Christianson said during a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Reports started coming in Friday night that people were having their Facebook posts removed, or having their Facebook accounts suspended, because they stated that Arriaga was an illegal immigrant.

"It's not clear if Facebook is trying to deter people from knowing about crimes committed by illegal aliens, or trying to deter support for a border wall, but we're not going to stand for it," Murphy said.

Murphy started Warrior 12 while working as a police officer in a sanctuary jurisdiction, and has seen the effect of sanctuary policies firsthand.

"There are plenty of good people who are in the country illegally, and people have different opinions about how their legal status should be handled," Murphy added. "But once any non-citizen is committing crimes and endangering the community, that should be game over. Those people should be removed from the country. There shouldn't be anybody saying that they want to keep criminals around to continue to harm their community, but that's exactly what is happening."

Murphy went on to say that he would proudly give a $10 Warrior 12 gift card to everybody who sends a picture to Warrior 12 showing that Facebook removed their post communicating that Arriaga is an illegal immigrant.

Just take a picture which shows Facebook removing your post, and send the picture to the Warrior 12 Facebook page or e-mail it to

"If enough of us act, there will be no hiding the fact that Corporal Singh would be alive if not for this illegal alien," Murphy said.

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Nobody can stop this. We are so fucked. Where will this stop? We are creeping toward fascism. Slowly enough so that we wont even realize it until its too late.


Call me a racist if you want to, but illegal to have no business in this country! All of them need to send back to their own countries! I really don't care how this is accomplished, just get them out! They have no right to be here using our resources and bringing in drugs and gangs!!!! OUT!


Blocking factual information such as one’s legal immigration status is both UN-American censorship and totally delusional.


Let the fat bastard run a gauntlet to his freedom and line the streets with guns. Sell these spots behind the trigger of these guns and donate the money to build the wall.

Use the spent brass to ornate rifle ports in this new wall and sell trigger time, or port time for the people that bring their own rifles.

Use the second round of "FUNding" from rental of these rifle ports to put towards a Vulcan Phalanx to top the new wall every 1,000 yards.

Lather, rinse, repeat until we have lasers to zap the illegals that are caught in no man's land. That is if the illegals get through the land mine, grenade, IED and Claymore gauntlet that is set up in no man's land.


When a wet kills a police officer, he should not be afforded the constitutional protections afforded citizens...let’s handle this the old fashioned way, with a rope and a tree.