Comedian Chris Rock Says Police Should Kill More White Kids

Comedian and actor Chris Rock painted officers as murderous racists, and said they should kill more white youth.

Brooklyn, NY – In his first stand-up special in a decade, comedian and actor Chris Rock painted law enforcement officers as murderous racists, and expressed his desire to see more white youth killed.

“I wanna live in a world with real equality,” Rock said during the 64-minute Netflix special, “Tamborine,” which was released on Feb. 14.

“I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I wanna see white mothers on TV, crying, standing next to Al Sharpton, talking about, ‘We need justice for Chad,'” the comedian told an 800-member audience from the stage of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

"You would think that cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good,” Rock suggested. “You’d think every couple of months they’d look at their dead n***a calendar and go… ‘Oh my God, we’re up to 16! We gotta shoot a white kid quick!"

He also shared his ideas about officer-involved shootings in general, and implied that police regularly kill “innocent” people without cause.

“Whenever the cops gun down an innocent black man, they always say the same thing. ‘Well, it’s not most cops. It’s just a few bad apples...’ Bad apple? That’s a lovely name for murderer. That almost sounds nice,” Rock mocked.

He then claimed to understand the situations law enforcement officers encounter, and the difficulties they endure.

“Here’s the thing. I know being a cop is hard. I know that shit’s dangerous. I know it is, okay” he said. “But some jobs can’t have bad apples. Some jobs, everybody gotta be good.”

Despite all of his grievances against officers, however, Rock said he will summons them when he is victimized.

“On one hand, I’m a black man who’s like, ‘F**k the police.’ On the other hand, I own property, so when my house gets broken into I’m not calling the Crips,” he said.

“Tamborine” is one of two specials that Rock agreed to in a $40 million deal with Netflix, according to Variety.


I think it is mostly hyperbole. Remember, it's a comedy act. I think it is an effort to integrate disturbing content and process painful experience in a mostly positive way. In a sane world no one takes the jokster literally because they get the general idea of comedy entertainment. I think that the statement is meant to be absurd, no less obserd than cops just going around shooting at people because they are black or simply from the wrong side of town at the wrong time in a very wrong world. I assume it is a comment made to make people think and look inside their own self and question their own thoughts, feelings, prejudices and hypocrisies, But regardly of what our differing thoughts may be about it, take it in it's context: a comedy act.


He, is not funny!


When he calls for help, what if the cops don't come...and they call the Crips to go there, that would be funny.