Classmate Thwarts 3 Students' Junior High School Shooting

Deputies arrested three 13 year olds who were overhead planning a school shooting at Grant Junior High.

Grant Parish, LA – Deputies have arrested three junior high school students who were planning a school shooting in Grant Parish.

The Grant Parish Sheriff's Office said they had arrested three 13-year-old students from Grant Junior High who had been overheard by another student discussing their plans, according to KALB.

Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain said two boys and one girl had been charged with terrorizing, KALB reported.

Sheriff McCain said the student who overheard their classmates’ planning conversation had reported it to authorities, and the sheriff’s office immediately investigated.

The sheriff said that as a result of the investigation, authorities intervened and all three involved students had been taken into custody before they were able to act out their plan, KALB reported.

Sheriff McCain said the junior high students’ plans to commit a school shooting were in response to a problem they were having with bullying.

"It wasn't a joke," the sheriff told KALB. "It stemmed from bullying.”

“What we have learned in school shootings across America that is what is causing the majority of them,” he said. “Kids are just... 'I'm just fed up, I'm tired of being picked on and made fun of.' They think this is an option."

The sheriff told KALB that the students weren’t targeting anyone specific with their attack.

"It was going to be random. There was not a specific target. They were just going to shoot,” he said.

Sheriff McCain said that the thwarted school shooting was the third such incident in Grant Parish schools so far this year, according to KALB.

Deputies arrested a 16-year-old student at Georgetown High School in October after he threatened to harm a teacher and students at the high school.

Another Grant Junior High student was arrested in an incident earlier in the school year, but no details were available, KALB reported.

There is no school resource officer assigned to Grant Junior High, according to the sheriff.

A ballot measure that would have increased sales tax to fund a school resource officer in every Grant Parish school was defeated in the November election, KALB reported.

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Schools need to really address the bullying issue one day. For whatever reason some of these candy-assed kids of today can't deal with life's issues. And the school system's hands are tied since you can't discipline the problem children properly.

So what's changed? When I went to school the bad kids got put on their knees in the corner while holding encyclopedias in each hand - drop one and get whacked with a yard stick or worse. Talk back get whacked on the spot. Then get sent to the principal's office to get a paddling, and he'd call your home to tell mom, where you'd get it again the minute you walked in the door.

And if momma and daddy didn't make the little shit respect people he was made to do it at school. Yes, bullying still existed. But kids also could fight it out in the playground, or yard, or at someone's house after school and that was that over with. No one ever once thought, I need to bring a gun to school and not just shoot the bully but shoot everyone in sight.


Lemme guess. White?


So this is the 3rd incident like this in about as many months yet the funding for an SRO was voted down. Incredible.


Problem lies squarely on the parents shoulders. Raise you kids with rules and morality rather than stick a damned phone in their hands and let them free range. The school has nothing to do with this, Raise your own kids and stop asking for everyone else to be responsible for it.


David Hogg survived another one