City Councilwoman Wants City To Look Into Buying Heroin For Addicts

City council member Sally Bagshaw said she would like to learn more about how to provide "free" illegal drugs for users.

Seattle, WA – Several Seattle City Council members have announced that they plan to move forward with multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded proposal to purchase a massive recreation vehicle that would provide intravenous drug users with a space to shoot up.

One city council member said she would even like to look into the option of providing illegal drugs for users.

The estimated startup costs associated with the project amount to $1.8 million, not including the $2.5 million in additional taxpayer dollars that would be needed to operate it, KCPQ reported.

“We were looking at those city-owned and county-owned properties, but none were really viable that were appropriate,” Seattle Human Services Department representative Meg Olberding told KIRO.

Instead of a brick-and-mortar location, project proponents began exploring the concept of a “fixed-mobile” site, which would allow the RV to be moved to a set location each day, then taken back to a secure facility off-site for cleaning and maintenance at night, KIRO reported.

“It is an option where we would actually lease or go into an agreement regarding a fixed site,” Human Services Department health strategist Jeff Sakuma explained during a June 7 council committee meeting. “This is potentially a very large vehicle that we would then house the consumption activity in.”

The RV would offer accommodations including booths where addicts could use illegal drugs and a separate section designated for recovery.

“We would want to make sure we provide a safe area, not only for the neighbors but for the individuals who are using as well,” Sakuma told the council.

During the meeting, council members Sally Bagshaw and Debora Juarez urged proponents of the “safe injection site” plan to go out into the community to convert those who opposed the concept.

“A particular group of people shows up at every one of my community meetings to come at me over that [issue],” an apparently exasperated Juarez said. “You can only do so much.”

“No one deserves to die behind a 7-Eleven,” she added.

Council member Teresa Mosqueda said that data behind the model showed that such sites help to prevent deaths and provide opportunities for community outreach.

“Every day we don’t move forward, people are at risk for overdose and death, so with that in mind and with this sense of urgency for the third time this year alone that you have heard us express this, I am calling on our mayor and our county as a whole to act with urgency so we can move forward this year,” Mosqueda proclaimed.

Bagshaw took the concept of enabling drug addicts a step further and said she would like to learn more about the possibility of providing drugs for users who may not be able to bring their own.

“I have heard of some other models where drugs are provided…And that’s a public safety model,” Bagshaw said, according to KIRO. “Because those who may not have the money to buy drugs are not breaking and entering to obtain whatever they need to buy whatever it is they are using. I would like to explore this…part of what we are trying to do is reduce crime as well.”

The city has already allocated $1.3 million to put towards the RV’s upstart, but the additional millions of dollars in operating costs have not yet been secured, KCPQ reported.

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misleading headline aside: giving them a place to do it beats having needles dumped in parks & on public transportation. plus it'll be a chance to talk about recovery to addicts who routinely use the service. let's face it, ignoring them hasn't worked so maybe it's time to try a different approach


Hello, Teresa Mosqueda: For your thoughts and consideration: Legalize All Drugs - LAD

As posted on FB

Please let me know your thoughts on the following proposal. I am hoping for the contribution of additional related ideas. Keep the comments on the topic and positive. Refrain from personal and negative comments. Should be fun. I am preparing a White Paper on the matter to be delivered to DJT. The USA’s demand for drugs is the reason for the South American cartels’ existence. USA drug laws have no effect on curbing the demand for drugs. I propose that the Federal Government legalize all drugs, regulate the drug business, and turn over production and distribution of drugs to American entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical companies. We can’t change the demand for drugs no matter the method, means, and good intentions (as we have learned from experience over the past 80 years), but we can change the point of origin and distribution. Those who use drugs will get clean drugs with known potencies. The prisons will empty by around 50% or more. The drugs dispensed will be safer. Thoughts? Regulation will lower dramatically drug crime rates and ancillary crimes - theft, beatings, rape, and murder. In 2001 Portugal legalized all drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. They shifted possession to public health rather than criminal. The drug-related crime rate dropped from 44% to 22%. Drug use dropped and people in drug treatment increased by 60%. Link:

Positive effects of legalizing and controlling sale and distribution of all drugs:

  1. Safe drugs - fewer drug-related deaths from contamination and unexpected high potency - (Portugal @ 3 deaths per million vs. EU @ 17 per million vs. USA @ 185 per million)

  2. Billions of dollars stay in the USA

  3. Billions saved in legal and prosecutorial fees

  4. Reduced crime rate (not including possession) - up to 50% 

  5. Increase in jobs and income

  6. Reduction in crime in Cartel countries and at our borders 
7. Less criminal action and illegal crossings at the border

  7. An expected reduction in drug use and increase in rehabilitation

  8. Fewer prisons needed

  9. Fewer people in jail (Portugal - drug-related crime (not possession) down from 44% to 22%)

  10. Major reduction in workload for local police

  11. Reduced need for activities and budget for INS, HSP, HHS

  12. Same for ATF, ICE 

  13. Reduced need for and use of firearms

  14. Demands put on medical facilities – Urgent Care, Hospitals, and EMS - will drop dramatically 
16. Reduced danger of HIV up to 90% (Portugal statistic)

  15. Reduce or eliminate crime and control by MS-13 

  16. Work with and encourage church groups and humanitarian organizations in providing help and rehab for drug users asking for help 

  17. Curb money laundering 
20. Income is made legal and reported and taxes paid

Also. We can legally grow and import poppies and coca. In fact, selling and using drugs is a crime simply because we say it is.

Also. The SA countries can return to producing cocoa, sugar, and coffee in free trade at fair prices, reducing crime, cartel slavery, and deaths.

This action will not force the use of drugs on anyone. Conversely, the plan appears to be a deterrent. A healthy diet and safe drugs will save trillions in medical costs.
Well, billions.

Please post responses to this thread. An option to a FB response, Email to me: Trusting you, and Thank You.

Recent responses from individuals regarding Legalize All Drugs (LAD): From Arline:
 Good luck Walt. Check this link. I recall my Swiss friend mentioning this years ago.…/…/article/amp/idUSTRE69O3VI20101025
Zurich - drugs in wastewater - 
UN and Int’l cooperation -…/global-partnership-on-drug-policies-and-…
More Zurich -

From Matthew: 
 Wouldn’t you be going up against big business? Who owns the prisons who would be the biggest loser if so many prisoners are released? From Benjamin: 
Why would this make you insane? Its pretty well known and documented that drug legalization is a positive progressive path with more benefits than harms to society. However, it won’t happen just yet in America. The anti-drug propagandists still have a strong hold over the minds of your generation and generation X. I remember not so long ago that you yourself were a Republican supporter who probably would not have supported legalizing drugs. Maybe you should tell your story how you went from conservative to progressive on the subject of drug use. People know the facts but facts don't matter, what gets peoples attention is a narrative. This way you can educate yourself and people without sounding preachy or righteous. to go back to my previous point, what was getting at is America can only win 1 battle at a time, marijuana is making progress and from there its only a matter of time before other natural substances become legal. Unfortunately, all the facts in the world won’t change that, but rebranding it will. Once clean businessmen and scientists starting repping Marijuana it and that weed were no longer just for hippies and burnouts a major shift took place, successful people use weed! so it's ok. That's my very condensed and filtered version of the collective American opinion. I like where your heads at but I think your approach to it will be ineffective. There are some great podcasts and movements for drug reform and educating people on the truth of drugs. Mushrooms and LSD are next to become legal. Mushrooms have more medicinal properties than Marijuana, some of the studies over (sic) read are mind-blowing, almost supernatural results. Thanks for sharing pops! Love

From Prudencio (Pule):
Wally: My man! You forgot to include the negative side of this action. Obviously, as good as you might think this action--legalizing drugs--may be, it comes with a price. You know the old saying "there ain't no free lunch". There will be many negatives that would have to be weighed in against the positives you mentioned herein.

One of the first problems that comes to mind, and keep in mind I am a free market guy, who believes in very conservative economics, is that you would be giving the Pharmaceutical Industry a license to steal. Imagine what you would get from those greedy bastards--I am sure you saw the story of the "epees" (Epipens)—when you had them a ready-made, hot market for a product that is necessary, that is a must for the user, !!! Are you kidding me?

I agree with you that, as with immigration, something has to be done. Some means that moves us closer to the utopian spot you seek. I mean, you could use liquor as an example. However, in our world, today, it is all about politics!!! I think we need to get all of those assholes out f Washington and begin afresh with people that are really representatives of the citizens. I think that a path towards a solution as you propose begins with term limits!!

We could drink a few beers --we probably should!
--and discuss this at-large and barely scratch the surface of the solution, however, the mission and objective is quite noble and deserves plenty of lip service and thought, more of the latter than the former. Hope all is well with you. Pule  🇺🇲️


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