Christmas Miracle Prevented Mass Murder At Fort Worth Pharmacy

Corey Echard was fired from his job at the pharmacy, went back to his car and grabbed his gun with murderous intent.

Fort Worth, TX - Police have called an incident at a Fort Worth pharmacy a Christmas miracle because the unexplainable happened and no one important was killed.

The incident occurred four days before Christmas, on Dec. 21, 2017, at Hall's Specialty Pharmacy located at 700 Pennsylvania Ave., according to WFAA.

A pharmacy employee, Corey Echard, 33, was fired from his job, according to Fort Worth Police Lieutenant Brent Halford.

"Unfortunately, sometimes desperate people do desperate things," said Lt. Halford.

Echard then walked out to his car, retrieved a Glock pistol, and walked back into the pharmacy, which Lt. Halford described as " area not much bigger than my police car."

"He chambered, pointed [the gun] at other employees and started pulling the trigger," Lt. Halford said. The gun didn't fire.

Police said that as the disgruntled former employee pulled his gun out, it somehow caught on the fabric of his hoodie sweatshirt and triggered the magazine to accidentally fall out. Without the magazine, he was unable to chamber a round.

"The release on it actually goes the other direction. For it to snag is really rare. I've carried the same gun for 20 years and never dropped the magazine getting it out." Lt. Halford said.

Shocked employees realized the gun wasn't working in a matter of seconds, and they fled the business. Echard tried to reload and then fled.

Officers responded to a call of robbery in progress, and Lt. Halford was the first to arrive.

"It's absolutely a Christmas miracle. If there had been a magazine in that gun, it would've been very bad for those four families," Lt. Halford said.

Once officers determined that the pharmacy employees were safe, they began looking for Echard.

Lt. Halford said, "We knew he was still close by. He's on foot. He's desperate. There is no good outcome we can expect from this."

Echard was found a short time later, a couple of blocks away. He used his freshly-reloaded gun to grant himself a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office.

"I asked the employees who did he point the gun at? They all raised their hands. He was pulling the trigger [...] the fact that there weren't four other funerals is a miracle, or that an officer was shot," Lt. Halford said.

No one important was injured.

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Especially in Tarrant County the DA will plea bargain anything down for a "W"