Chicago PD Releases Video Which Shows 'Unarmed Black Man' Draw Gun On Cops

Chicago PD has released the bodycam footage showing the shooting of Harith Augustus.

Chicago, IL - Chicago PD has released bodycam video on Sunday of the fatal officer-involved shooting of Harith Augustus (below.)

The shooting happened in the area of 71st St and Chappel Ave at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Chicago PD Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said Saturday that officers were working foot patrol when they spotted Augustus, who appeared to be carrying a firearm.

The officers confronted the suspect, who then became combative. As the suspect fought with officers, he flailed away from them.

The newly-released video clearly shows that Augustus had a pistol and magazines holstered on his belt.

As Augustus broke free from officers, video shows him drawing his gun as an officer responds by fatally shooting him.

Officers recovered the semi-automatic pistol and loaded magazines from the suspect.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced Sunday that Augustus had a Firearm Owners Identification card, but not a concealed carry permit.

Supt. Johnson added that the officer who fatally shot Augustus is a male officer, contradicting "witness" reports of a white female officer being the shooter.

Almost immediately following the shooting on Saturday, a large crowd of protesters formed and started threatening to shoot the police.

The crowd spread the story about how a barber named "Snoop" was unarmed and shot in the back as he was walking home from work.

The crowd also created a second narrative where people claimed that Snoop was armed, but they said he had a concealed carry permit.

The crowd started jumping on police cars and clashing with officers.

Many in the crowd threatened police officers, saying that they better not be around come nighttime.

At around sunset, people in the crowd started to throw glass bottles, rocks, and bottles of urine at officers. Chief Waller said three to four officers were injured in the attacks.

Officers responded by ordering the protesters back and taking down troublemakers and people who refused to listen.

One person was arrested and charged with three felonies, and three more were detained and released.

You can see multiple videos from Chicago Sun-Times reported Nader Issa below:

As of the time of this writing, another protest is still scheduled for 5 p.m. Sunday, despite video showing Augustus being killed while trying to murder police officers.

You can see the bodycam video of the shooting below:

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I am shocked beyond words that people in the community would actually lie about what actually happened. It just goes beyond what those in the Black Lives Matter tell us. Now a serious question - I wonder if stricter federal minority laws could have prevented this needless tragedy? I guess we'll never know....hmm, one other thing - I wonder if the suspect had a better gun retention holster it would have prevented the police from having to shoot him? Just a thought, right @Burgers Allday?


@LEO0301 Why exactly did you bring Black Lives Matter up, shill? They weren't Involved at all in this.


Once again a good guy with a gun takes down a bad guy with a gun. He got exactly what he deserved.


They are always involved in anything that shows a black attacking police as it's they're pushing the hate toward cops and all the racist bullshit that BLM is famous for that gets things started.


@Righton17 Always? BLM hasn't demonstrated in a while. They're busy putting monetary support behind political candidates, and winning. Didn't your favorite news network keep you abreast of their actions?