Chicago Officer Under Investigation For Giving Wild Ride To Hulk Hogan

Tom Gantert

A Chicago police officer is in trouble after officials saw a video of him chauffeuring Hulk Hogan at O'Hare airport.

Chicago, IL - A Chicago police officer is under investigation after department officials saw a video of him giving former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan a ride across the tarmac with lights and sirens blaring (video below).

The incident was filmed on Facebook Live on Aug. 2 with a post that said “Thank you Chicago PD much love!!!!!” the Chicago Tribune reported.

The video has since been removed from Hogan’s Facebook page.

The footage showed a Chicago police officer giving Hogan, his manager, and a third person who was filming a ride across O’Hare International Airport in order to avoid a crowd of autograph seekers who were waiting in baggage claim.

In the video, Hogan is seated in the front seat of the police vehicle with his manager, Jimmy Hart, seated behind him and the cameraman seated behind the officer.

“Yes, we’re live! Here we go,” the cameraman announced to everyone as the police car’s siren blared in the background.

“My Uber’s got a siren,” Hogan joked as they whipped past airplanes and other airport equipment parked along the tarmac.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the officer was on-duty and assigned to the airport when he was chauffeuring the wrestler and his entourage.

At one point, Hogan yelled at the officer to watch out when he was headed straight for a shuttle bus, the video showed.

“Jesus, woo! This is crazy, man,” Hogan said after the officer took a quick left and avoided a collision.

His manager said in the video that they were headed to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, the place where all the Hulkamania memories were made years ago.

As the police car careened through the airport, it became obvious that their ride wasn’t the norm.

“Don’t get in trouble doing this,” Jimmy Hart, Hogan’s manager, warned the officer.

“I’m not in trouble… I asked my sergeant. He’s all for it,” the officer responded in the video.

“Coming in hot,” the cameraman said in the video as they tore across the airport.

“Coming in hot, man,” Hogan agreed.

Hogan and the cameraman joked about needing to get sirens for their own vehicles but agreed they would get into too much trouble.

Then the video showed they discussed avoiding the crowd that was waiting at baggage claim.

“That’s why I don’t have a problem doing this,” the officer told them.

The video showed the officer began honking his air horn a few seconds later, presumably to tell somebody in front of them to clear out of the way.

“That’s cool,” Hogan told the officer when he chirped the siren a few times.

The cameraman decided to end the broadcast after Hogan asked the police officer if they were going to “elect that same mayor again,” the video showed.

“We love Chicago PD,” the camera man said as he was signing off.

“Yes, sir. Chicago PD for life,” Hogan added.

The video of Hogan’s wild police ride across the tarmac made its way to the desk of Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Chicago Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said “this escort was not authorized by the department and Commander Thomas O’Brien of airport operations had no knowledge that it was taking place.”

Guglielmi said that an internal affairs investigation into the officer and his supervisors had been launched.

“The activity and behavior demonstrated in that video poses a significant risk to the officers and overall aviation safety on the airfield,” Guglielmi said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “The superintendent was furious about what he saw.”

He said the department was in the process of revoking the officer’s credentials that allowed him to operate a vehicle on airport grounds pending the completion of the investigation.

Watch video of Hogan’s wild ride here below:

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There was a time in this country when a celebrity going for a ride in a police car would be a light-hearted human interest story. Now it warrants a full investigation, examination of policies and procedures, destruction of an individual's career, mandatory training and reprimands. Dammit already, we need to just lighten up a little!


You just can't say THANK YOU and MUCH LOVE to any LEO in Chicago.......the morons in charge hate cops, so any action that MOST cities would deem great frowned upon in that sh--hole!!


WTF??? Really??? Chicago really is a shithole!! No wonder my friends can't get out fast enough!!! They are sick of the entire state of Illinois actually!!


Chicago takes corruption and favoritism seriously!


If the cop did it without telling supervision he was wrong. Having said that cops here used to do courtesy rides in certain situations. That's a good thing. It helps build trust and humanizes police.


Agree courtesy rides happen all the time in departments Coming from Vegas our department gave them regularly and it seems in this incident it was going to elevate a possible situation in the baggage claim area so I see the need for the escort but no need for sirens and speeding like that especially across a tarmac of an airport, Lights and sirens speeding like that could cause panic among people just landing or people in line waiting for take off or in the airport itself, in this day and age of crazy attacks and mass shootings , bombings Etc,Etc should have been little more discreet and even more so because your working at department who currently known not to back you up in public. , But the need for full blown investigations and threatening this guys lively hood over it is a bit much at best a disciplinary action placed in his file and "Don't Do that Shit Again." Would suffice