Charges Dropped When Evidence Proves Cop's Innocence, But He's Still Been Fired

Former Officer Christopher Stafford was fired from the Rockville Centre Village Police Department in February.

Mineola, NY – A judge dismissed all charges against a former police officer accused of secretly recording an off-duty sexual encounter because of new evidence that proves that the alleged victim asked him to record.

“What triggered the false complaint was a bad reaction to a breakup,” the officer’s attorney, William Petrillo, told Newsday.

Rockville Centre Village Police Officer Christopher Stafford, 28, was arrested for felony unlawful surveillance on Feb. 10, and lost his job five days later.

An unnamed 26-year-old woman had accused him of sending her a Snapchat photograph of herself taken from the video, according to court records.

He and the woman had been in a relationship for approximately four months, Newsday reported.

The allegations were lodged shortly after the officer broke up with her, Petrillo said.

Officer Stafford was approximately three weeks away from completing his 18-month probationary period with the department when he was fired over the arrest and allegations on Feb. 15.

Stafford maintained that the woman was well aware of the video, and presented “thousands” of text messages that showed her desire to record their sexual encounter.

“The text messages show that she was discussing, in detail, her desire to create the tape,” Petrillo told Newsday.

“It is very clear what happened here. This was a relationship that Mr. Stafford was ending and this was a knee-jerk reaction. This false complaint made by the complainant was a knee-jerk reaction to a breakup,” Petrillo told News 12 Long Island.

After investigating the additional information, Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Signas’ office determined there was “insufficient evident,” and asked the court to toss the case out, Newsday reported.

Nassau County Court Judge Anthony Paradiso dismissed the charge against the former officer on Wednesday.

“This has been a nightmare for him,” Petrillo said after the hearing. “He’s known from day one that he’s innocent.”

Stafford now hopes to return to his position at the Rockville Centre Village Police Department.

“Any and all legal measures will be taken to get officer Stafford reinstated,” Petrillo said.

The woman who filed the false report will not be criminally charged, according to the district attorney’s office.

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She runes the mans life and she is not being charged!?!?!?!!!! What total bullshit.


Lock the bitch up.she filed a false police report , got the officer fired for what so she can get her rocks off by making a video of her having sex ? this one needs a nice long vacation in a mental institution . whact job . I hope the officer sues her and the dept

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Even if he had permission to take the images, why was he sending them through Snapchat? Did he put them anywhere else in cyberspace? This is probably the sort of issue that is better handled through a civil suit than a criminal suit -- and, who knows, maybe a civil suit is going and Newsday neglected to mention it. I am not going to jump to the conclusion that the unnamed woman perjured herself until I see exactly what she said. Even though he did not engage in criminal conduct here, it seems like the former officer may have shown poor judgement in handling sensitive materials -- and employers really hate that kind of thing.


He should get his job back. There is absolutely no evidence that he broke any law. Although unadvisable, there is no law the prohibits consenting adults from filming sexual encounters or sharing them via social media. With that said, cops get into more trouble because of social media. You would think they would learn, but to this generation, they are tied at the hip to social media.


Karma is coming back bitch