Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Event Where Kids Bash ICE Agent Pinata

Children took turns smashing the ICE-themed pinata during a recent block party in Chicago.

Correction: This article initially had the headline, "Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Event Where Kids Bash ICE Agent Pinata" to note that it was a chamber of commerce in Chicago. However, the Chicago Chamber of Commerce is a separate organization from the East Side Neighborhood Chamber in Chicago which hosted the event. The headline has been edited to avoid confusion.

Chicago, IL – Children took turns beating a pinata that was created in the likeness of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent during a community block party on July 13.

The “East Side Community Day in Chicago” community event was hosted by a chamber of commerce comprised of 25 local businesses, FOX News reported.

Videos and photos of the scene showed the kids as they lined up for their turn to smash the ICE agent-themed pinata with a large stick.

Many were encouraged by their parents, and some people even held their small children so they could help them to strike it.

“The older [kids], of course we let them know what it meant. We teach them what it meant,” Los Brown Berets Chicago chapter leader Anthony Martinez told WBBM.

Martinez said that his group ordered a Batman pinata, then modified it to resemble the appearance of a white ICE agent.

The group also collected money from kids who wanted to take a swing, and said that the proceeds will be used to help asylum seekers, FOX News reported.

“So, we’re just making a statement,” Martinez told WBBM. “Taking children from their parents, separating them…let them know that it’s not wanted in here, in this community.”

“It was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement,” he claimed.

Children were also given the opportunity to throw balls at a painted image of President Donald Trump’s face during the block party.

East Side Chamber of Commerce member Marvin Covington said that the chamber had no idea that the pinata would be present at the neighborhood event.

“The kids who were breaking open the pinata didn’t know anything about it,” Covington told WBBM.

Encouraging kids to bash the likeness of an ICE agent really wasn’t that big of a deal, he argued.

“It wasn’t a sense of ‘this is terrible, I shouldn’t of came,’” Covington said. “It was ‘Uh, this is something that happened. We gotta move on.’”

The business owner said that the event was a success, and that the chamber plans to hold another block party next year.

He refused to discuss whether or not any ICE-themed pinatas would be present at next year’s gathering, WBBM reported.

“It’s not for me to say, ‘cause I didn’t know they were coming this year,” Covington said.

Do you think that the parents are turning their kids against law enforcement officers? Or do you think it's just a pinata and no big deal? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

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question evrything
question evrything

that's some good shit!!!!!!!

K-9 319
K-9 319

Now you know why the upcoming generations have absolutely no respect for anybody or, as far as that goes, anything. Start them off as kids and teach them to start hating Ice and disrespect the President. Wonder how many of these kids will have a record by the time they are 16 years old. Sad thing is it doesn't surprise me that this happened in Chicago. Sad to say I wouldn't expect anything else from that town.


These incredibly ignorant parents are inculcating their children to disrespect -- and even harm -- law enforcement officers, and ignore the rule of law. This is tantamount to child abuse.


Chicago...teaching kids how to be violent. Guarantee that a significant number of those kids will not reach the age of 21 or will be in prison. Doesn't Chicago all?

Julie Justice
Julie Justice

Maybe I should tell them what President Trump set. If you don't like this country, please feel free to go back to your country of origin. Where were these idiots when Obama was deporting ten times more and where were they when he (Obama) built the cages?