Case Files Show Jussie Smollett Hid Evidence, Communicated With 'Attackers'

Sandy Malone

Police records from the Jussie Smollett investigation showed the actor was uncooperative and changed his story.

Chicago, IL – Newly-released Chicago Police Department files from the Jussie Smollett case revealed how the actor was suspiciously uncooperative and changed his story as the investigation into the hoax attack progressed.

Although the Chicago Police Department publicly said they were treating the 36-year-old Smollett as a victim for weeks after the Jan. 29 incident occurred, the actor had given detectives a lot of reasons to think something was off about his story, according to ET Online.

When police asked Smollett to grant them access to his medical records from the night of the attack, he refused.

He also refused to allow police to examine his telephone, as per usual investigative procedure, ET Online reported.

When investigators needed Smollett’s DNA for comparison to DNA found on the rope he claimed had been placed around his neck, the actor promised to “think about” giving it to them, CWBChicago reported.

Police re-interviewed Smollett after his now-famous appearance on Good Morning America on Feb. 14 and some major inconsistencies in his story came to the detectives’ attention.

One of the most notable of inconsistencies was the color of his attackers’ skin.

Initially, Smollett told police he was attacked by two white, masked men who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him.

But two weeks later when he was re-interviewed, police records showed that the actor wavered, and tried to claim that he had said his attackers were “pale” not white, CWB Chicago reported.

Police records showed that he actually had said they were white at the hospital on the night of the attack.

Surveillance footage and Uber records had led police to Ola and Abel Osundairo, two brothers of Nigerian descent with whom Smollett had worked with on his television show and from whom, police later learned, the actor had purchased drugs.

But when Smollett was shown pictures of the Osundairo brothers during the follow-up interview, he denied knowing the brothers’ names, WBBM reported.

He later viewed a lineup and refused to point the finger at either of the brothers.

“It can’t be them. They are black as sin. We don’t have any issues,” Smollett told police, WBBM reported.

Two days after the charges were dropped against the actor, his attorney posited that his attackers may have been black men wearing white face underneath their masks.

Another interesting inconsistency was that Smollett told police on the night of the attack that he had been on the phone with his manager when he was jumped.

Later, Smollett claimed he had also talked to his “trainer” during the same time frame because he "wanted to get 'shredded' for an upcoming music video."

Abel Osundairo was “trainer” to whom the actor referred, according to ET Online.

Text messages included in the newly-released police records further connected Smollett to the men who told police they were paid $3,500 to execute a hoax hate crime at the actor’s behest.

Police records showed that not only did Smollett know his alleged “attackers,” one of them sold him drugs, which he had paid for using his Venmo account, ET Online reported.

“N---a, you still got a molly connect?” Smollett texted one of the Osundairo brothers on Sept. 27, 2018.

“Hahahaha,” the brother replied, according to police records.

“Imma need a good fo pills Haha,” Smollett wrote.

“Oh yeah? Got you?” the brother asked.

Shortly thereafter, there is a Venmo code confirming that Smollett sent the money for the drugs.

And then the brother texted the actor “Got it.”

They made plans to get the pills to Smollett the next day.

In April, attorneys for the Osundairo brothers filed a defamation lawsuit against attorneys for Smollett that claimed the attorneys had maliciously destroyed the men’s reputations while knowing full well that they were lying.

The lawsuit alleged that Smollett’s attorneys have said publicly that the Osundairo brothers "led a criminally homophobic, racist and violent attack against Mr. Smollett" despite the fact they knew it was not accurate, FOX News reported.

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The Feds need an umbrella indictment covering maid fraud, drug conspiracy and any other possible violation they can find. Get it out of the corrupt DA's office and purview.

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No...not really...LOL.


Smollet was not that famous nor that rich or well connected to get a case of such international notoriety swept under the rug, or fixed, as it were. The motivation of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx to dismiss the case out of hand screams for an in-depth and impartial investigation as a public corruption case. While I don't believe Foxx was paid off with an envelope stuffed with cash, there has to be a clear finding as to what her motivation really was. The most likely scenario still involves Smollett being in possession of a video of Smollett and Barack in a hot tub together. While there is nothing wrong per se with Barack hot tubbing with Jussie, nobody wants to see that look on Michelle's face again.

Mig Alley
Mig Alley



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Moments later it was a horrendous sight to watch. Even the fire engines had a difficult time putting out the fire. Newscasters reported that the Co pilot was the only survivor among the crew.


This BS story just won't go away.👎


I can't wait for the day when we all go, "Jussie who?".