Cardinals Fire Player After He's Charged With Pointing Gun At Stripper

NFL defensive tackle Darius Philon was arrested on Aug. 8 and fired by the Arizona Cardinals the very next day.

Glendale, AZ – The Arizona Cardinals released defensive tackle Darius Philon on Friday, one day after he was arrested for threatening to shoot a dancer outside a strip club.

Phoenix police said they were contacted on June 20 by a woman who said Philon had pointed a gun at her in the parking lot of Vlive club in May, KNXV reported.

The woman told authorities that she didn’t come forward sooner because she had been offered money to keep her mouth shut.

Court records showed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted the woman during payment negotiations and told her that she was the subject of an extortion investigation, KNXV reported.

So at that point, the woman contacted the police.

The woman worked at the Vlive club and told police that she and a coworker had met with Philon and another man in a vehicle parked at the club, KNXV reported.

She said that Philon pointed a handgun at her chest and asked, “Which one of them wanted a bullet?”

The woman said she initially got the National Football League (NFL) player to put his gun away, but that he pulled it out and pointed it at the women again before the woman and her coworker returned to the club.

She said that Philon showed up at the club a couple of days later and asked her to leave with him because “they needed to make this right,” KNXV reported.

Police said the woman’s coworker confirmed the story.

Philon’s friend who was with him in the vehicle with the women told police that he had his back to Philon and never saw a gun, KNXV reported.

However, he also admitted that he had conversations with the woman about paying her hush money to keep quiet.

Philon told police he was at the club and owned a handgun but said he didn’t have the gun with him that night, KNXV reported.

The football player told police the incident was about the money and he never pointed a gun at the woman.

Philon was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Aug. 8 and fired by the Arizona Cardinals the very next day, ESPN reported.

The Cardinals had signed Philon to a two-year, $10 million contract on March 21.

Philon played 54 games for the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers during his four years in the NFL, ESPN reported.

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I din do nuffin, the bitch dissed me.


$10 mil down the toilet over a stripper and a gun. Nice.

  1. Points gun at women
  2. Tries to bribe woman to not tell the police
  3. Calls police to claim the woman is trying to extort him
  4. Woman now tells the police what happened
  5. Loses $10,000,000

Stupid is as stupid does


As long as they keep recruiting thugs from the street, this is what they will get.


I like VP Mr Pence's way of avoiding troubles like this....#1 He wouldn't have been at a Strip Joint. (Surely he can afford to be around Classier types of women. #2 Never goes another woman alone without his Wife. Problems? No. JS