Captured Dead: Manhunt Over For Former-Officer Turned Fugitive

Police were searching for former Cleveland Police Officer Tommie Griffin III, who cut off his ankle bracelet over the weekend, and fled.

Parma, OH - Former-police officer-turned fugitive was finally captured dead after a days-long manhunt.

U.S. Marshalls had tracked Griffin to North Ridgeville where he stayed at a Motel 6.

While he was at the motel, he stayed with an accomplice that later took him to a home on West 165 Street Monday night, according got FOX8.

WOIO reported that Cleveland police Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia released a statement saying, "Cleveland SWAT responded to 3699 W. 165 on information from the USMS and Violent Crimes Task Force for wanted male Tommie Griffin.

"After a six-hour standoff, officers entered the home, heard a gunshot and found the suspect in the basement with a self inflicted gunshot wound."

Griffin was found dead after having used an AR-15 to shoot himself. Investigators are unsure how he got the rifle and they will be attempting to track the owner.

The manhunt started after Griffin cut off his GPS monitoring device over the weekend. They then asked the public for assistance in locating him, according to Cleveland19 .

He had been arrested on multiple charges from the January 14 incident where he allegedly attacked his girlfriend, a 42-year-old woman.

The victim, who has not been identified, told police that Griffin assaulted her while she was sleeping, and threatened her with a gun.

In court records, Griffin also allegedly fired two shots into the mattress.

When officers responded to the victim's residence after the incident, they discovered the victim with serious injuries to her face. They also found the home in complete disarray.

When Griffin appeared before Judge Deanna O'Donnell after he was arrested, she issued a temporary restraining order to protect the victim and her 10-year-old daughter. She also ordered Griffin to turn in all of his weapons to the Parma Police Department.

In response, Griffin told Judge O'Donnell that he had weapons inside his safe but said that he had lost his key. He was placed under $250,000 bond.

A grand jury later indicted Griffin on charges of rape, kidnapping, felonious assault, domestic violence, tampering with evidence, possessing criminal tools, pandering obscenity, and telecommunications harassment.

Griffin resigned on February 27 after a 23-year career with the Cleveland Police Department.

His trial was scheduled for October 30.

What in the world sent him over the edge into this felonious path? Very unfortunate.

As an Ohioan and also a proud wearer of the last name Griffin this man is a savage and good riddance. May he burn in hell.


I do believe ex-cops get treated pretty badly by the other inmates in prison. I'm thinking he knew that he wouldn't be able to elude the various law enforcement agencies and had planned his suicide to avoid facing the court. Instead, he faced the ultimate Judge and learned his eternal fate.

To answer Mee's question, not to excuse his actions, but I read that he caught his girlfriend in the sack with another dude the day before. Most crimes barely make the news, but when LEOs or ex-LEOs fall it makes the top of the news.

Sworn LEOs commit jail-able misdemeanors and felonies at 1/37th the rate of the general population (103 crimes per 100,000 officers, while the general population committed 3,813 per 100,000 people). As a CCW holder, I'm member of the least criminal demographic at 11.5 per 100,000 permittees, so relax officer, just give me a warning, I'm your friend.