CAPTURED: 100 Lb Attempted Cop Killer Captured After Manhunt

21-year-old Shayanne Maestas was located by Colorado State Patrol.

Rocky Ford, CO - The suspect who stabbed a Rocky Ford police officer on Tuesday has been located and taken into custody.

Authorities said that the manhunt ended after 21-year-old Shayanne Maestas was located 25 miles south of Rocky Ford, according to KKTV.

Colorado State Patrol found her overnight after she crashed the Rocky Ford police car that she had stolen, and flattened all four tires.

KKTV reported that one of the guns that was in the vehicle was still missing.

Police asked the public to look for Shayanne Maestas after she stabbed an officer in the neck with a knife and stole his patrol car on Tuesday.

The incident started when officers were called to perform a welfare check in the 500-block of N. 11th Street in Rocky Ford at around 12:30 p.m., according to KOAA.

A Rocky Ford police officer responded and made contact with a resident. As he was talking to the resident, Maestas came out of the house, hid behind the mother of the resident, then used a knife to stab the officer in the neck.

She then stole the officer's patrol car and fled south from the scene, according to KOAA.

The officer was transported to the hospital. Chief Michael Bethel told reporters that the knife just missed the officer's carotid artery and he will recover from his injuries.

The officer has not been identified.

Maestas' attack highlights how dangerous any armed suspect can be, as she has been described as 5'3, 100 lbs.

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Hope she spends years and years in prison. She could have killed him.


Yes, Lying Bitch. She attacked.