Captains Suspended For Fleeing When Colleague Was Attacked

Two Rikers Captains are facing discipline for cowardice after being captured on video fleeing from a fight.

New York, NY - Two Rikers Captains have been suspended after fleeing when another captain was attacked on Thanksgiving.

Captains Ricardo Reimers and Keith Phillip were captured on surveillance video running away when Captain Awais Ghauri was suddenly attacked, according to New York Daily News (video below.)

The two captains had recently been promoted and were still in their probationary period, leaving them likely to get demoted to Correction Officer rank.

The incident happened on Thanksgiving in the Otis Bantum Correctional Center around 2 p.m., according to WABC.

Captain Ghauri was with the two other captains while making rounds in a housing area, when out of nowhere, an inmate attacked him. The captain was punched in the face, which knocked him to the floor. Then the violent gang member got on top of him to continue the assault.

That's when Captain Ghauri's fellow captains jumped into action - except the action they took was to run away.

Correction Captains Association President Patrick Ferraiuolo told WABC that this sort of thing was not isloated.

"This captain was not helped - as a matter of fact, staff retreated from the area. Now, you can look at that two ways - you could look at that as just barely being a coward, or you could look at it as staff is just so concerned for their own safety that's that's the only thing that's paramount in their minds," Captain Ferraiuolo added.

Left to fight by himself, Captain Ghauri started to gain the upper-hand on the convict. That's when two other inmates jumped in to attack him.

Finally, other corrections staff ran in to help. Captain Ghauri was left with numerous lacerations to his left cheek, the inside of his mouth, and a long laceration on his neck.

Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Peter Thorne released a statement saying:

"We will never tolerate the actions of those who harm our staff and we are working with the Bronx District Attorney to arrest and prosecute any inmate involved in this incident."

They Corrections Department refused to comment on the suspensions of the captains, citing state law that prevents them from talking about discipline.

You can see video of the incident below:

Unfortunately our profession has been invaded by punks and cowards that should be simply charged with failing to uphold their “Oath of Office”.

We are suffering from the hiring process being controlled through politics. Promotions need to be based on “Critcal Incident Performance” and ranking officers need to be tested on a greater rate due to the likelihood they will have to perform the duty they get paid to perform.

In twenty seven years of LE duty, I rarely saw a superior officer that was a good officer coming up rather just a good test taker.

Three Captains beats four level 2 Correction Officers. There is also the opportunity for three Captains to be taken hostage turning a holiday weekend when staffing is more than likely low, a much more likely move. By the two other ranking officers backing out as quickly as they did it removed the currency from the inmate's eyes. That may not be what the two new Captains have intended, but it appears to be what took place. Plus did the veteran Captain stop to consider that inmates want to find amusement rather than business as usual in jail; they will wait in watch for opportunities such as these. I don't know who or why they thought it would be a good idea to place three ranking officers together walking through Rikers on a Holiday Weekend, without re-enforcement officers close by to prevent this exact move from happening. Inmates realize they will not get away with these actions; they just want to break up the boredom they experience and causing harm to another is no big issue to them.

First if 3 captains can't take care of themselves then they have no business of being captains. I have no idea who 10dash7 is, what experience he or she has in the business but to come up with some rationale that the 2 coward captains did this (maybe) to out smart the inmates and only leave 1 captain to be killed is delusional. That mentality would get you put in front of a firing squad at war time, but unfortunately we can't claim war and execute these 2 cowards. But demotion in rank to the lowest possible is appropriate.

Sounds like The Clarksville pd in TN..

What a piece of shit those two make. You either win lose, live or die with your partner at times like those. We trusted each other explicitly, if my Sgt said "arrest him", "search him", " gnaw his leg off at the knee" or called me by his name the shit was going to hit the fan and we hoped we had the training, personal fortitude, luck and stamina to finish the job, Would never lie for each other or falsify a report either. Those things are not good partners.